Further the Lord’s Work


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

It was another typical week, with me at the Print Shop or the Sarah Granger Kimball home or the Cultural Hall and Elder Campbell either calking windows or building forms to pour concrete. I enjoy serving with the various sisters in the mission. Elder Campbell enjoys serving with the elders, particularly Elder Gillespie. They make a good team.

While in the Heber C. Kimball home Zenta, a new convert from Burlington, came in. My companion, Sister Watkins, was one who was key in her conversion. Zenta is a person who loves history. This week she did again what she did a few short months ago. She brought the Burlington Young Sister Missionaries to Nauvoo on their preparation day so they would have a chance to see Old Nauvoo. Little did she know then how strong the spirit is here, that when one testifies of the truth it penetrates to the heart. That is what happened to her. She gained her own testimony of the truthfulness of the restored gospel and was baptized not long after. She now is a member of the Burlington ward, taking the teacher development class so that she can fulfill her new calling as a teacher in Relief Society.

In our training meeting this week we learned of the changes the missionary department is asking us to make. We are to encourage the members who come here in their member-missionary work. As the spirit of the Holy Ghost prompts us, we are to invite the members to share the gospel with others. We will follow up with them via the telephone or internet to encourage them in their work. Members need to realize that when they invite their friends they do not need to teach them.

In our fifth Sunday meeting today we talked about the fact that the church is striving as never before to use the internet as a tool for good. Members can and should share their testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ through social media. The discoveries through time were given to us by the gift and power of God. The knowledge that we are getting right now, we are supposed to get. In a revelation given to Joseph Smith in 1839 we learn about this. [See Doctrine and Covenants 121:26-31.] Technological discoveries are, in part, a fulfillment of this revelation, according to Brother Garrison, counselor in the Burlington ward.

Bishop Hammond concluded by asking us to use our time and talents to further the Lord’s work through social media, and to use our time and talents to provide for ourselves and our families. Using our time and talents to provide for ourselves as the Lord asks is becoming self-reliant. Using them to share the gospel is the essence of the gospel.

See the attached video (link):


Elder and Sister Campbell

– Sunrise on the Nauvoo Temple (above)
– Sunset on the Mississippi
– Original artwork in the Burlington meeting house




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