The Amish family was very nice


August 17, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

We had another full week! Now that “Sunset by the Mississippi” is over we do have two more free nights. However, someone often plans something on one of those nights. This week we had a cast temple trip worked in. It was a joy! Thirty-six members of our cast attended the temple together. It made a full session. There is a lot of Priesthood power in that group, a lot of faith-filled people.

Elder Campbell has been working on temple housing windows for several weeks now. He is working with Elder Gillespie. They are putting new calking around all of the windows. He quite enjoys it.

For my birthday I received cards and notes and calls from numerous family and friends. Elder Campbell and I had the evening free, so we went to our favorite restaurant in Keokuk, a Mexican restaurant called Los Topatios. TR and Amber gave us a gift certificate for that place for my birthday. It was very nice.

I was blessed to be able to serve with young Sister Holt in the Print Shop on Tuesday. She is an outstanding missionary and gave an excellent tour. She is good at making the guests feel welcome and presenting a spiritual message. Actually, all of the young sister missionaries are very good, and most of the senior missionaries are, too. I often feel inadequate, but try to always have a prayer in my heart that I will say what the Lord wants me to say.

On Friday I served in the John Taylor Home. The last part of my shift was supposed to be with young Sister Hansen, but for some reason her companion, young Sister Hughes wanted to trade with her to serve with me. I’m not really sure why she wanted to so badly. I guess she knows I love her. We made a connection last fall when she and young Sister Gines came over for four weeks in a row to teach mock discussions, practicing for their outbound experience.

Anyway, the two young sisters made the switch. It was a bit of a distance for them to run, and while they were doing so neither of their senior sister companions were with a companion. I hope that makes sense. Well, the John Taylor Home is one of the busier sites, so we didn’t get much time to visit. But before we had a tour she gave a wonderful prayer. We shared our first tour before it started to get really busy. After that we had to split up. She did an awesome job making it really fun for the little children and teenagers. I learned a lot from her. Both she and Sister Holt are going home soon. They will be a part of our forever friends.

Speaking of friends, while in the John Taylor Home, Robert and Karin Johnson (of Soda Springs) and their daughter and family, Jason and Sarah Jacobia and their four children were walking by the home. At the same time, Elder Campbell drove by and saw them. The two men talked for a minute. Robert asked him where I was serving that day. They were right in front of where I was. I had emailed them about it, but they had not received the email yet. So I had prayed that we would be able to see them while they were here. The Lord put them right at my doorstep just as Elder Campbell drove by. Pretty cool!

It was fun to see them. They also came to our “Rendezvous” show the next night. We had hoped they would come, and so requested to do our Noah and Sophia vignette that night. It all worked out well. (It seems that we should have been able to communicate with them better. They must not use an iphone.)

Yesterday we went with a group of missionaries to an Amish farm for dinner. Sister Gillespie organized it. She needed a good-sized group in order to get them to do it. The food was great. The Amish family was very nice. Our host, John, did not want us to take pictures of him or his family, but we could take pictures of the horse and buggy. His son hooked it up to take us for a ride. Their eight children ranged in ages from four months to about fifteen. They were delightful, very fun to visit with, and hard workers. We wished we could get their picture, they were so cute.

Today after church in Burlington I practiced with Shari Bair. She had worked on “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” quite well. She wants me to do another solo on the last Sunday of this month.

Also, next week we will be going to Fairfield, Iowa. Months ago Ed and Eunice Johnson had wanted us to come to in Fairfield so I could play a solo in their ward. I had not thought it would work out. But last night I talked to President Gibbons about our going there. He ok’d it, so I will play a solo and we will be able to see Ed and Eunice one more time. Ed has been transferred to Houston, Texas, and they will be leaving at the end of this month. They are in for a big change after all these years in Iowa.

We had district meeting at our house, our last one before we go home. Young Sister Holt led the discussion on how to extend an invitation to members and to non-members. We did some role playing. We want all to have the opportunity to do missionary work or if not a member, we want all to have the opportunity to learn more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

Have a great week, all!


Elder and Sister Campbell

– Elder Campbell with the Amish family’s horse (above)
– Elder Campbell ready for a buggy ride
– Sister Campbell ready for a buggy ride
– Back view of our house with the temple in view
– Our district with Elder Campbell as photographer
– Our district with Sister Campbell as photographer
– Our district with Young Sister Holt as photographer








One thought on “The Amish family was very nice

  1. I’m sorry I missed your birthday. Belated birthday wishes! Sounds like you and Elder Campbell are keeping busy even though the schedule is winding down. I’m looking forward to seeing you and Elder Campbell. Till then, keep up the great work. It has been a very BUSY summer. Mary

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