From my journal this week.


August 10, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

As of tomorrow we only have one month of our mission left! This is a sad/happy thing, to end such a wonderful mission!

I am going to write a few excerpts from my journal this week.

August 3

Today was Maddox’s baby blessing. All four of the brothers were there with their families. The blanket I knit for him was used during the blessing, which makes me feel grateful and happy that Elder Campbell and I were represented.

Tonight we attended a most fantastic sociable by the YPM’s and YPB’s (Young Performing Missionaries and Young Performing Band Missionaries). It was so amazing. It was music and word taught by the spirit. It brought tears to my eyes. The message was so powerful!

August 4

Today was a good day at the Scovil Bakery. Over 500 people came through in 62 tours. I met some nice people. One couple was Jylisha’s aunt and uncle, the Eddies from Las Vegas. Jylisha had told them to look us up. It was sweet.

Another tour was very unusual. After the tour a man lingered. He wanted to share something with us. He said he related well to Lucius Scovil, the owner of the bakery, because he had recently lost his wife, as did Lucius while living in Nauvoo. Hi wife had wanted to come to Nauvoo. They had been in the pageant in the previous years. He wanted to share with us that she had died while in Nauvoo, just three days ago. His feelings were mixed but he was solid. He said it has been quite unusual these last three days. He didn’t elaborate.

We met some nice people after “Sunset by the Mississippi.” People lingered. It was the Trio’s last time performing. We had a chance to visit with some of the YPM’s and tell them how amazing their performance was last night.

August 5

I served at the Post Office. Over 53 tours came in during the six hours I was there. That’s a lot!

I just finished writing up the conversion stories of two of my Nauvoo ancestors, based on their own autobiographies. I did it for an assignment to possibly be used in President Jones’ training meeting coming up. Both ancestors heard of this new church in a similar way, one through a newspaper article and the other through a letter. They both had strong feelings upon hearing about it.

[I include a couple of excerpts from my study.

Morris Charles Phelps said, “On reading of this new church and a prophet created such a curious anxiety, mingled with joy that I could not refrain from weeping.’

The next day Morris read the letter concerning the new book to Charles C. Rich. Morris was anxious to learn more concerning the new book, the church and the Prophet. A peculiar sensation of feeling had penetrated his whole system and made his spirit buoyant and full of joy. He knew not then what it meant. Years later he said, “I know now; it was the spirit of God testifying to the truthfulness of the Prophet and Book of Mormon.”

Luman Andrus Shurtliff wrote, “This news gave me the most singular feelings I have ever experienced. It took the attention of those present, and we had some talk of the strange circumstances, and it made a lasting impression on me. I heard nothing more concerning it until the fall of 1831.”

“Two Mormon Elders came to Franklin to preach, Noah Packard and a Mr. Umphry.” They were not very experienced in Mormonism, and did not impress him much with their preaching. But he said, “I was affected in a curious manner when in company with these men; I loved them, but knew not why.”]

Their conversion stories are fascinating.

August 6

Elder Campbell was asked to speak at our weekly training meeting this morning. It was on spiritual experiences in the sites. He told of his experience with the Holy Ghost in helping him learn his lines for Noah and Sophia in “Rendezvous.” After praying for help, the lines went through his head over and over throughout the night. He didn’t get much sleep that night but learned his lines. He did a great job in telling about it.

August 7

I met Dorene Balls Peterson in the Family Living Center and her husband and five children. It was a pleasant surprise to see them. (Dorene is the daughter of Redge and Charlene Balls of Soda Springs.)

Tonight was our last “Sunset” show. It wasn’t nearly as fun for us because it was indoors. It rained practically all day. We don’t get to see most of the show when it is indoors.

Afterwards we went to Peter’s Place. It was Elder and Sister Ballard’s last “Hurrah” before they go home on the 11th. The YPM’s, too! Sad.

August 8

I served in my favorite place, the Wilford Woodruff home. I hope I imparted to the guests my enthusiasm and testimony of the gospel. One cute couple came in, so excited to be there. It was so fun to teach them about Wilford Woodruff, because they were so appreciative.

August 9

We had a busy but fun day. After cleaning the house we attended the temple. We saw the third new temple film.

We attended “The Promise” by the YPM’s in the afternoon. They did an excellent job. I spoke to Elders Elwood, Summers, and Cobia, thanking them for Pete for taking the time to talk to his family when they were here. After “Rendezvous” we talked to some others of them. The YPM’s are such sweet young people. It will be hard to see them go home.

We started a fast for Gracie’s dad. He has been in the hospital for a week. He had a stroke. He is doing pretty well but has short term memory loss.

Well, those are some of my journal entries for the week. Today I played a solo in the Burlington ward, a medley of hymns. After church they had a “munch and mingle.” It was a nice time to visit with the members.

You are all in our thoughts and prayers continually. We love you all so much!


Elder and Sister Campbell

– Elder and Sister Ballard going home to Snowflake, Arizona
– Posing with Elders Summers (of Utah, I think) and Cobia of Sugar City, Idaho (above)
– Posing with Elder Barker of Pocatello
– Young Sister Missionaries
– Posing with Elder Lovelace of Washington State






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