The Rain Stopped


July 6, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

How are you all? I hope things are going well. We had a fun-filled week. Evelyn and Jason were here, along with Tressa, Hailee, and Kenson. It was a lot of fun to spend time with them. It had been two years since we saw them and over three years since we saw Jason, other than online. Way too long!

Today we started a new assignment. We, along with another couple and a single sister, traveled to the Burlington, Iowa ward for church. We will attend there most every Sunday until we go home. A few other missionaries are assigned to other outlying wards and branches. I consider it a great privilege to be able to go. There we are to get acquainted and to serve where needed. Mostly we will fellowship with the members and help to strengthen them in whatever way we can.

Today I met a black sister, Betty Mayn, who has been a member for 6 or 7 years. She had two granddaughters with her. I also met a woman about my age who is in a wheel chair, Sister Richardson. She has a lot of family in the ward, but has only been a member for less than a year. Her story is similar to Grandma Campbell’s. She has been attending church for years, but didn’t ever see fit to be baptized. But then a new missionary came who had been acquainted with her grandson who was apparently going to school in the west. When he found out that his friend would be serving in his grandmother’s town, he told him to seek out his grandmother and baptize her. When this missionary found Sister Richardson, he told her what her grandson had said. She knew that this was what she needed to do and was baptized shortly thereafter. That was fun to meet her. I hope to see her again next week.

During this past week we went to Carthage with Evelyn and Jason. We were with them whenever we could. They went to the shows and visited some of the sites. The kids loved Pioneer Pastimes, where they could dress up and pretend to be pioneers, playing house in a little log cabin, and playing pioneer games.

I also went with them on a 1-mile handcart trek. We had to cross a creek three times. Good thing the water wasn’t very deep!

On Wednesday we did our “Sunset by the Mississippi” show. The directors thought the weather would be good and were planning to be on the outdoor stage. But just as I finished warming up on my violin before the show, it started to rain. It rained quite a bit and everyone was getting soaked. (Luckily, I was able to get my violin into a dressing room and dried off.) Tressa and Hailee were saving seats for their parents and were drenched.

Evelyn and Jason and Kenson were in their car saying a prayer, asking the Lord to stop the rain just long enough for the show. Many other people were praying that the rain would stop, also. There was a huge EFY group planning to come to our show, as well. Evelyn told me later that as soon as they finished their prayer the rain stopped. And immediately after the show as we started into the audience to greet some people, the rain started back up again. It was a tender mercy of the Lord, and a testimony of the power of prayer.

Well, Evelyn and Jason are back home, now, and we are hopefully resting a little this afternoon so that we will be ready to launch off a new fun-packed week! Pageant starts on Tuesday! Exciting!

We send our love,

Elder and Sister Campbell

– The Jason Curtis family at Carthage
– Elder and Sister with grandkids at Carthage (above)
– On the 1-mile trek
– Old friends stop by, DeRay and Carrie Young





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