Our Favorite Things


June 28, 2014

Dearest Family and Friends,

We had a wonderful week, climaxed by a commemorative program for the 170th anniversary of the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. The music during the program was beautiful. The Young Sister Missionaries sang and the Young Performing Missionaries sang. The Nauvoo Brass Band played. The music was followed by an address by President Gibbons. He spoke of the fear of the citizens of Warsaw and Carthage who fled their homes after the horrible deed was done. Later they warily returned, incredulously finding that no one had touched their homes in their absence. The Mormons did not retaliate. The Mormons had a militia rivaled by none, yet they did not come. They were in deep mourning and did not seeking revenge.

The assailants had thought killing the prophet would put an end to the church. President Gibbons reminded us of the now over 15 million members of the church in 173 or more countries. (I don’t remember the exact number.) He paid tribute to missionaries who are serving in Nauvoo, and said, among other things, that our children and our grandchildren would be blessed for our service.

At the end of the program teamsters led two riderless horses down the walkway, in honor of Joseph and Hyrum. President Gibbons told us that Abraham Lincoln was the first president of the United States to be officially honored by the inclusion of a riderless horse in his funeral cortege.

Today, preparation day, we were invited to dinner at Elder and Sister Jones’ home. They are from the Twin Falls area. They invited the men that Elder Jones works with and their wives. Elder and Sister Gillespie, Elder and Sister Thurston, and Elder and Sister Couch were there.

We each had a turn to tell something about ourselves and then to tell about a favorite thing of the mission. Elder Campbell said that he is happy to be able to do a speaking part in “Rendezvous,” something he has never done before. This is something he thought he could not do. My favorite thing is to serve in the sites with my husband on Sundays, and to speak to the visitors in the sites. It is especially rewarding when my companion and I can share the tour in an inspired way.

This week Elder Campbell and Elder Gillespie worked together cutting out chipped and broken brick in the Women’s Gardens and putting in new. It is a taxing job. They are hard workers!

We hope you have a great week. We plan to have a fun week with Evelyn and Jason and family!


Elder and Sister Campbell

– Elder Campbell working with Elder Gillespie (above)
– Sister Campbell’s flower bed



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