Well-Spring of Blessings


June 15, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week, another well-spring of blessings!

The days are so full now that we rarely have a spare minute. We start our day early with personal study and assignments, and we end our day with our show and companionship study. Most days we are thinking it is too late to study, but we do it anyway. Needless to say, we sleep soundly at night!

This week while serving in the Cultural Hall, the band played their afternoon concert inside because of the rain. This happened both times I served there this week. We got our own personal concert, with several guests drizzling in each time. Both concerts were excellent, but the second day was better than the first.

Today we have district meeting, which we are just about ready for. Elder Campbell and I are in charge of a discussion about giving the tour when gests come. The discussion is based on a training meeting we had last month by two visitors from Salt Lake who are over all of the visitor’s centers in the church. They want us to do things certain ways, and we do our best to follow their council. They are very inspired leaders. Our main focus is to help guests draw closer to Christ. We are to weave our testimony into the historical setting of the site, and also stay within the time-frame allotted to that particular site. It is a challenge to do. It should be an interesting district meeting. We hope to get a good discussion going.

We were able to see the Living Legends’ concert twice. They are a BYU performing group consisting of Native American, Latin American, and Polynesian students. They put on a wonderful program of song and dance. Their costumes were outstanding. The students came into the sites during the last two or three days of their visit here. They also went to our “Rendezvous” show and seemed to really enjoy it. One or two commented to Elder Campbell at how much they liked his part in the show.

Yesterday we went to Montrose, Iowa, and took a picture of the temple from across the river. We also went to the meat shop there and then back home. It was just a relaxing day for a change.

Today Sacrament Meeting was on keeping the commandments. Here are some highlights from my notes.

Keeping the commandments brings blessings every time. Breaking the commandments eventually brings sadness every time.
Keeping the commandments brings safety and peace.
Keeping the commandments shows honor and love to God.
Keeping the commandments will “Enable us with power and a place in the Celestial Kingdom.

Two thoughts from my notes in Relief Society:
Be steadfast through the storms of life.
When you’re sinking in the depths of the sea, don’t worry, your life guard walks on water.

We send our love,

Elder and Sister Campbell

– Project for the week for Elder Campbell, preparing for concrete
– Pictures taken by Aunt Margaret at “Sunset by the Mississippi” (above)





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