“Why should I give way to temptations…?”


June 7, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been a fabulous two weeks since I last wrote. My mother, Charlotte, and sisters, Margaret, Sylvia, and Martha were here visiting last week. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed visiting with them so much. We attended the temple together and we visited some of the key sites with them on Saturday and Sunday. One of those key sites was Carthage. That is always a highlight.

They attended the “Rendezvous” show. Elder Campbell did his part perfectly for both shows. Our “Sunset” show also went off without a hitch. One thing they really enjoyed was watching the Young Performing Missionaries in their shows and songs and dancing. I think they will be glad to tell you that this is a fun place!

One day last week we had some delightful tours in the Cultural Hall. A whole bus load of non-members came down from Iowa City. They were very interested and willing to engage in conversation with us. Some sweet member families came in, also.

June 9

Yesterday was so busy that I didn’t have time to finish my letter. First thing in the morning was church, at 8 a.m., as always. We get out at 11 in time to get ready to open up the sites. But this time Elder Campbell and I were assigned to Carthage, which is about a 30-minute drive instead of 5. So the night before I prepared a lunch to take with us and had dinner all ready to stick in the microwave to eat before we left.

Carthage was very busy. The Young Performing Missionaries performed their new vignette while we were there. The Nauvoo Brass Band also played. Elder Campbell and I took two tours through the jail, one before and one after the performing missionaries.

After our shift we ate our lunch on the way home so that we could attend Elder Taye’s art exhibit. He was displaying all of the work he has done since coming to Nauvoo, mostly oil paintings of landscapes and scenery in Nauvoo and Carthage.

From there we went right to the church to get a good seat for the “Sociable” being put on by BYU’s Living Legends. They are a performing group visiting here for two weeks. They are made up of people of South American heritage, Mexican, Polynesian, and native American heritage. They bore testimony, told stories, and sang songs.

While waiting for that to start Sister Taylor invited us over to her house for ice cream with a bunch of friends. So even though tired, after the Sociable we were pleased to attend. It was nice, as about a dozen missionary couples came to visit and eat ice cream. One couple, the Mengels, will be going home in about a week. Sister Taylor probably thought this would be once last chance to hold a party before she and her husband get extremely busy with the pageant. She and her husband are the pageant public relations missionaries. They coordinate the comings and goings of the pageant people.

So that was one busy but fun day! Today is not quite as bad. We do have two Rendezvous shows tonight. Actually, we always have two Rendezvous shows now that the summer season is here.

Earlier today Elder Campbell worked on the siding on the Water house. He has been doing that for a couple of weeks or more now. I served in the Seventy’s Hall and gave a tour to three families. We love it when families come in. It is fun to talk to the children who come in with their parents.

To close, at the Living Legends sociable, one of them quoted 2 Nephi 4:27. “Yea, why should I give way to temptations, that the evil one have place in my heart to destroy my peace and afflict my soul?” Then she asked, “Why worry about earthly things? Focus on things of eternity.” Then the final note I wrote at the sociable last night reads, “We are inviting more neighbors into our Celestial neighborhood.”

This is what we are doing here in Nauvoo. We are inviting more people into the Lord’s kingdom. We are doing the Lord’s work.


Elder and Sister Campbell

(Pictures out of order)
– Margaret, Charlotte, Martha, Sylvia, Sister Campbell
– In front of our house
– Sister Campbell and Mom Charlotte
– Young performers fiddling
– Young performers with kids
– Nauvoo Brass Band at the Cultural Hall
– Chestnut tree leaves and clusters where nuts will form
– At Carthage
– In the Women’s gardens
– Young performers fiddling
– Elder Campbell waiting for all the ladies to look at the flower gardens












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