Servant Leadership


May 18, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

How are you all doing? It was good to hear from some of you. Keep sending us newsy letters. We love to hear the news of loved ones and home!

We are so-o-o-o busy here. There is never much spare time, at all. For Sacrament Meeting today I organized a lady’s ensemble for a special musical number. I used sisters of my cast to make it easier to get together. So for two weeks we have been fitting in little practices whenever we could. This morning all twelve of us arrived at 7:15 a.m. to warm-up and practice in the chapel. By 7:30 the place was starting to fill up, as it always does, for the 8 a.m. meeting. We sang the women’s arrangement of “How Gentle God’s Commands.” They sang together beautifully. It was nice to do, and also nice to have it over to relax a bit (but only for a moment).

Today we are serving in the Tin Shop for 2 ½ hours. Then we will hurry back home to get ready for our district meeting. And guess what? We were called to be the new district leaders of the John Taylor district. (That is one reason why we can only rest for a moment.) It is a bit of added responsibility, but it will be fun.

That reminds me of what President Jensen said after it was announced that he was to be the new counselor in the mission presidency. He said he needs to get over being a leader, and remember that the Lord called Joseph Smith and others, “My servants.” Jesus Christ himself was the servant of all. Every act He did was an act of service in helping others, lifting others, and healing the sick. His final act was that of sacrificing His life so that we all might live again after death. President Jensen said he needed to get over being a leader and learn to be a servant.

That is exactly what it will be as district leader. Everyone else is at least as qualified, or more so than us. We will be their servant, and do whatsoever is asked or required of us. (See Doctrine and Covenants 12:8.)

We have been rehearsing for “Sunset by the Mississippi.” The show is going to be even better than last year. The elders have their own number this year, which will be very cute. If you want to see Elder Campbell sing on the stage you will have to come! And he has the rhythm down wonderfully for his part in “Rendezvous” as Noah!

Me? I do the same, but that is not so remarkable, since I have been singing all my life. I also get to play a fiddle part for the sister’s number. The music is really fast. Elder Germer wrote the accompaniment for a band and a fiddle. I am hoping they will slow it down a bit. Whew!

I would like to close with a few thoughts from our Sacrament Meeting today. The final speaker of the meeting quoted Elder Jeffrey R. Holland saying that if we are obedient to the principles of the gospel, everything else will fall into place. The Savior was perfectly obedient in all things. Cannot we strive to do so, as well?

He closed by saying (speaking of his daughter who recently completed a marathon), “Winning in a race doesn’t matter, but enduring to the end does.

Just do it!”

I close by saying that right now Grant and Jylisha are at the hospital awaiting the arrival of child number five. We are prayerfully waiting in anticipation of the news.


Elder and Sister Campbell

p.s. Little Maddox Terrell was born this afternoon, a healthy 8 lb 12 oz baby boy!

– Serving at the Stoddard Tin Shop




3 thoughts on “Servant Leadership

  1. It was great talking to you yesterday, and great to have our 96th great grandchild! Wow! you do have much responsibility, but I don’t know anyone better prepared for it. We love you and know the Lord loves you and is there for you at all times. Mom

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