The Teamster


May 11, 2014

This was quite an amazing week! It started with a wonderful zone conference. President Gibbons told us that the way to grow a testimony is through faith and living righteous principles. He said that even though we missed a granddaughter’s baptism it was better for her that we were here. That really hit home to me because we missed two granddaughters’ baptisms, Hailee’s and Allivia’s. It is a sacrifice. But they are sweet words and I know he is right.

He talked about the miracles of how temples around the world came to be. He told about problems in acquiring approval for various temples or getting land. One by one God has taken care of those problems. President Gibbons ended with the statement that the best thing about our religion is that it is all true.

During the week Elder Campbell was back at the Water House preparing the outside to put on siding. I served one day on an early shift, allowing time to get home to fix dinner and invite Elder and Sister Taye to join us. Sister Taye is now our Rendezvous director. It seems to me that she has very little time to cook or have a nice meal at home, so I thought it would be nice to have them over for dinner. We had an enjoyable visit before we all had to head off for two shows of Rendezvous.

The next day I had a great missionary experience. The mission president and his wife came in to the Cultural Hall for a tour. It was the Young Sister Missionaries’ turn to give it, which they did. Then they all went upstairs to see the 2nd and 3rd floors. I stayed down in case another tour came, which it did.

A couple from Florida and their Nauvoo friend came in. They had wanted to visit Nauvoo for some time. I thought they were members until we got to the 3rd floor and I noticed the cross she was wearing. He started asking questions about Masons, about polygamy, about how you know if the Book of Mormon is true, the nature of God, and how do you know if your answer is from God or from some other source?

I did my best to answer the questions. Finally, I suggested they have some representatives from our church come visit them, and they said they already were. They had toured the temple open house in Florida and wanted to know more. They will have missionaries come to their new home in Washington State once they get settled there. They were both totally interested. They gave me their email address so that we can stay in touch. I told them that if their name gets lost and no missionaries come I will send some more. They were happy about that, which is exciting!

Yesterday was Elder Campbell’s birthday. He had a fun day because he was a teamster for the day! He went with the horses and wagons to a campsite eleven miles south of here, and rode into Nauvoo on ahorse-drawn wagon. The community of Nauvoo was commemorating the day the Saints came from Quincey, Illinois, which was May 9, 1839. People could walk alongside the wagons or ride into Nauvoo. Elder Campbell was asked to help, as they were short on teamsters that day. He had a blast!

We ended the day debuting our new part as Noah and Sophia in “Rendezvous.” It went very well, so we were glad.

We send our love,

Elder and Sister Campbell

– A foursome in the Cultural Hall
– Sister Campbell and Sister Thomas
– Elder Campbell getting ready to go out on the trail
– Elder Campbell with Elder Murray on the trail
– Nauvoo temple
– Elder Campbell with the horses
– Elder Campbell and church employee from Wayan, Idaho, Jordan Bodily
– Got the reins (above)










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