The Hope Our Savior Gives Us


April 13, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

April showers bring May flowers! It is a beautiful warm rainy spring day. The Young Sister Missionaries have returned from their 6-month outbound experience, along with some new ones. They bring a life and exuberance to the mission! They came to our “Rendezvous” show on Friday, and their energy got the rest of the audience going with enthusiasm. It was fun!

Our Noah and Sophia part in “Rendezvous” is coming along. We practiced for the first time with the accompaniment on Friday. It is not a big part, but big enough to cause a lot of stress. Elder Campbell has the most to learn. He just about has it down. It will be fun once we got past the nervousness.

Today choir practice was extra sweet, as some of the new missionaries joined us, including most of the Young Sister Missionaries! The choir sounded awesome! I feel so privileged to have been the choir director on this mission. Our last performance is on Easter Sunday. (During the busy season we don’t have choir because our schedules are too full.) We will sing three songs in Sacrament Meeting.

Last night we had “Sunset” practice on the stage; the weather was so nice. Elder Campbell has a cute little line in the men’s number. I am playing a fiddle part written by Elder Germer for the women’s number. It is a fast moving fiddle part! Elder Germer is an amazing arranger, and wrote a band accompaniment for both the men’s and women’s numbers. (Elder and Sister Germer have now gone home.)

During this week before Easter take the time to go to of Him. There is a great video expressing the hope our Savior, Jesus Christ gives us. I know our Savior can bring joy and satisfaction to our lives in an ever troubled world if we but follow His example and live as He taught.

He is Not here: for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. (Matthew 28:6) The empty tomb in that Jerusalem garden is a reminder that when the women who so lovingly cleaned, anointed, and wrapped his body came to observe the tomb, His body was gone, and in His place were two angels.

“He is not here: for He is risen,” they said.

The door on the tomb repeats that phrase: “He is not here, for He is risen.” It reminds visitors that the Savior not only lived and died for us but that He also rose from the dead.

Because Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind it’s possible for each of us to live again with God.

We send our love,

Elder and Sister Campbell

– At the annual Prairie Burn demonstration. Elder and Sister Taylor had a weiner roast for everyone prior to the event.
– Getting started
– A wind picks it up.
– About 5 or 10 minutes later
– Elder Campbell getting read to go up in a man basket
– The Hamma house Elder Campbell is working on
– View of the temple on my way home from the Cultural Hall
– View of the temple at sunrise
– Kathy with with a new missionary, Sister Brown, of Jerome (a sister of Paul’s backpacking friend) [Ron Farnsworth and his family are close friends of Paul Campbell’s family].

Terry and Kathleen Campbell










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