Another week has whizzed by


March 30, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week has whizzed by! Elder Campbell continued to work on the Hammer House, getting the siding up. The Facilities Management crews are working as fast as they can to get homes ready for the many new missionaries arriving weekly.

On Tuesday our cast had a talent audition for a talent show next week. It is in preparation for this season’s “Sunset on the Mississippi.” I am in a violin, mandolin, and harmonica trio with Elder Taye and Elder Ballard. We are playing a medley of fiddle tunes. It sounds quite authentic to the era and is fun to do.

Also, amid my full schedule I was able to work in a rehearsal with the Nauvoo Community Orchestra and the concert last night. The director, Dennis Dowell, is retiring and conducted his last concert with the orchestra. The concert was entitled “A Celtic Spring.” We played a Leroy Anderson Irish Suite and some arrangements of classical works. A lady with a beautiful voice sang a wonderful arrangement of “Danny Boy.” The whole concert was very nice. Elder Campbell really enjoyed it and I had a great time, too. I was glad I was able to play in it.

On Friday I was serving in the Family Living Center. I had not brought my violin that day. Some of the elders who are musicians like to take their instruments while serving in various sites so that they can play music when tours are slow. I hadn’t checked my schedule to see that Elder Fuellenbach would be there. He plays the guitar and wanted to have a chance to play “Ashoken Farewell” with me. Since I had walked to the site, Sister Tucket took me home to get my violin. But we were so busy that there had been no time to play music all day.

For the last part of our shift I was a greeter at the door. A group of women walked in. I greeted some of them as they entered. They were from Arizona and other places. They wanted to look around a bit, as it was almost time to close.

Shortly after that Elder Campbell came in. He had come to give me a ride home. He noticed that one of the ladies looked familiar. Then another. He asked me if that was Tess Nelson, a close friend of Grandma Mary Lou. I looked at her sitting at the rope demonstration. I said that yes, it was. And the other familiar-looking lady was her daughter, Tammy. (They had been in the rest room when I was first greeting them, and had missed them.) So we were all surprised to see each other and had a good visit. They wanted me to play my violin for them, and I just happened to have it there with me. So Elder Fuellenbach and I played “Ashoken Farewell” for them. One of them recorded it so they could play it for Grandma Mary Lou. Three of them were from her ward. We gave Tess and Tammy hugs for Grandma and everyone left. I was so glad that Elder Campbell had been there to see them, too.

It was just one of many little miracles that happen here in Nauvoo every day. The Lord is in the details of our lives. We often times don’t recognize it, but He is very much aware of us. I know that as we live righteously and ask for divine help, He will give us the help we so desire and need.

Elder Campbell adds this quote by Joseph Smith from our Priesthood/Relief Society lessons today. “if you obey the Gospel with honest hearts, I promise you in the name of the Lord, that the gifts as promised by our Saviour will follow you.”

We send our love your way,

Elder and Sister Campbell

– Sister Campbell in a recent “Rendezvous” scene with Elder and Sister Taye (above)
– Sister Campbell, Laurie Peterson, program organizer, and Dennis Dowell, orchestra director



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