Two Viola Students



Elder and Sister Campbell

Illinois Nauvoo Mission

PO Box 215

Nauvoo, Illinois 62354

Dear Family and Friends,

Elder Campbell spent this week working on the Hammer House out on Highway 96. They are putting up new siding. It’s going to be beautiful when it is all finished! He also spent quite a bit of time working on his new part as Noah for “Rendezvous.”

I served in various sites during the week, as usual. On Monday I was in Land and Records. I am enjoying the Brigham Young file. I have to decide what or what not to include, as there is much written on him. He was truly a great man, the leader of the first trek West and overseer of the migration of the Saints to over 500 colonies in the West. He was an inspired leader, a prophet of God.

On Friday I served in the Visitor’s Center, when most of the sixteen new missionary couples arrived. I was able to meet many of them first hand as they arrived. More will be arriving in subsequent weeks.

The mission choir sang in Sacrament meeting again today. We sang a Sally DeFord arrangement of “I Stand All Amazed.” The choir did a fantastic job. I work on the music and worry all month, but they always come through doing a beautiful job. Next month is the last Sunday for the choir until September. We will sing three numbers on Easter Sunday.

Friday we invited Jordan and Rebecca Bodily and their two young children over for dinner. They lived just north of Soda Springs prior to coming here. Jordan was hired by the church to be one of the bosses at Facilities Management. Their children are Emma, age 2 ½ and Porter, age 5. They were very busy, but fun to have over. In Soda Springs Jordan had been hired by Caribou County to oversee the restoration of the Caribou County Courthouse. We were able to catch up a little with them on the things they are doing. They are expecting a baby in September.

Yesterday we went to Carthage for a special program Sister Ballard put together. She planned it to encourage residents of Carthage to come and visit the jail. The program was held in a sitting room in the Visitor’s Center. In that room there are some paintings depicting events in Joseph Smith’s life. There is also a lovely grand piano in that room. Several people from the community were invited to present musical numbers. I also played a violin solo for visitors. It was a fun idea. Many visitors came, but very few from the city of Carthage. That was a little disappointing, but the overall event was well received by those who came. For my solo I played “Ashoken Farewell.”

An interesting side note is that I now have two viola students. Two missionaries of my cast have had a desire to learn to play the viola, independently of each other. So on Monday mornings we will have viola lessons going. Elder Scott, and Sister Duncan have both started lessons: Elder Scott because he has always wanted to, and Sister Duncan so that she can play duets with her granddaughter when she goes home.

Today we are having quite a few tours in the Wilford Woodruff home. It is my most favorite place to serve. Wilford Woodruff was a very special man, a great missionary and 4th president of the church.

We send our love,

Elder and Sister Campbell

– Elder Campbell working on siding a house with Elder Gillespie
– Elder and Sister Campbell in the Wilford Woodruff living room (above)
– Our district leaders, Elder and Sister Taylor in the Wilford Woodruff kitchen




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