The Upstairs room of the Red Brick Store–the first Relief Society


March 16, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This is my best day yet! That is the slogan of temple missionary, George Durrant. He is usually there to greet everyone when we attend his wife’s (Susan Easton Black Durrant’s) lectures on the early days of Nauvoo. So I am adopting that slogan for myself.

It was our best week yet! With visitors picking up, we had a full house at our Rendezvous show. We have had several tours in the sites every day. People are here on their spring break, even though it doesn’t seem so much like spring most of the time.

Yesterday the sister missionaries attended a re-enactment of the first Relief Society. It was held in the upstairs room of the Red Brick Store. The store is now owned by the Community of Christ Church, and they allowed us to use it for our special event. We met at the Visitor’s Center and rode in the wagons to the Red Brick Store. When we arrived, missionaries dressed as Joseph, Emma, John Taylor and others greeted us. The script for the re-enactment was from the minutes scrupulously taken by Willard Richards. A missionary posed as such pretended to be writing with a quill pen. It was very authentic looking. Elder and Sister Monney portrayed Joseph and Emma. After Emma and others were elected as a Relief Society presidency, Joseph had Emma stand up next to him at the front of the room. He read to her a portion of Doctrine and Covenants section 25, which was a revelation he received specifically for her. He told her that she would be blessed as the president of this organization to be able to lead, guide, and exhort the sisters, as would others after her.

President and Sister Chynoweth also spoke. It was a very effective event.

On Friday our new Rendezvous director came in to the Post Office where I was serving and asked me if Elder Campbell and I would be willing to learn the Noah and Sophia parts in Rendezvous. Of course, I said yes, knowing that Elder Campbell would agree. So now we are working on a new part that hopefully you all will be able to see when you come.

Today in Sacrament Meeting our district leader, Elder Taylor, was one of the speakers. (His wife was also scheduled to give speak, but was ill.) For his talk he decided to put away his notes and request the help of the Holy Ghost, after the example of our former mission president’s wife, Sister Gilliland. The following is the gist of what he said:

Hope is perfectly clear in the gospel. We hope to attain a Celestial Glory, which hope is attainable if we receive a forgiveness of sins. It seems almost unattainable sometimes when we realize that we need to be perfect to have complete forgiveness of sins. Enos and many other prophets received a remission of their sins. Enos asked the Lord, “How is it done?” [Enos 1:7] We receive a remission of our sins when we are baptized. We can also receive a remission of our sins every week when we partake of the Sacrament worthily. Perfection is a direction rather than a place.

Faith, hope, and charity are an interesting trio. Charity is the activity part of the trio. It is not passive. It has to do with selfless giving and doing good works.

In flying an airplane, attitude + power= altitude. With an upward attitude (nose pointed up) plus power the plane will rise. Also, the lift from above gets the plane where it needs to be.

Using this as an analogy for our lives, instead of complaining about something that we have been asked to do and having a bad attitude, if we use our energy to figure out how to make it happen (nose pointed up) instead of grumbling, and go forth serving others, we will receive the help and energy from above to do it. Doing so draws us closer to Christ. As we live a righteous life with a positive attitude and serving others, a remission of sins will come. That is how we can have hope in Christ as more than a passive dream.

May you all have hope in Christ, and each day may you be able to say,

This is my best day yet!


Elder and Sister Campbell

– Getting on the wagon
– Waiting to go (above)
– The wagon behind us




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