Hurried to our awaiting coach


March 9, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been busy today in the sites! People are starting to come here again! We are excited. Today in the Family Living Center we have been busy all afternoon. It’s great. Elder Campbell and I are serving with Elder and Sister Monney, who are going home soon. It is a real treat to be able to serve with them.

Last night the temple missionaries had the opportunity to have their own dance on the 3rd floor of the Cultural Hall. Our missionary dance band played some of the old dance band favorites. The string quartet played a few short numbers at their intermission. We played an old favorite that I’ve played with friends at home, “Tennessee Waltz.” The missionaries really liked dancing to that one. We also played our Scott Joplin arrangements. The dance was really fun. Elder Campbell and I danced the night away. But after the quartet played we hurried down the stairs and out to our awaiting coach (Chevy Impala), because of the change to daylight savings time and early church this morning. It was a fun night.

I was fortunate to be able to serve in Land and Records two times this week. I am still working on the Brigham Young file, updating it. There is so much written on him that it is a huge project. There are many books and files to go through. He was truly a great man, now known in Washington D.C. as the great colonizer of the West.

I have also been practicing once a week with Elders Taye and Ballard for the “Sunset By the Mississippi” specialty number auditions. We are doing a couple of fiddle tunes. It sounds pretty authentic, I think.

Elder Campbell continued to frame the windows and put in new windows at the Hammer House. He also keeps busy with all of our activities and assignments.

On Friday we had a farewell breakfast. A few couples from our MTC group are going home, as we have been out for a year. It’s sad, because they are like family. We hate to see anybody go home. One couple going home is Elder and Sister Williams of Pocatello. He is a retired dentist. Sister Williams is a very hard worker. She made a lot of quilts while she was here. In fact, the mission just completed a huge humanitarian project. The sister missionaries made layettes and knitted hats for a local hospital. Some made colorful pillowcases and quilts for a women’s shelter, and 200 boo bears were made and donated to the fire department. I helped with some of those items, depending on where I was serving. At any rate the people who received them were very delighted. It has been a very worthwhile project.

I close with these thoughts from Susan Black Durrant about Joseph Smith in her lecture this week. She said his greatest successes with people were when he was on his way to somewhere else, when he would stop and help or visit with someone. He had many responsibilities while living in Nauvoo. He was the mayor, the lieutenant general of the Nauvoo Legion, an administrator for the University of Nauvoo, a prophet of God, and president of the Church. Yet he had the common touch and was never too busy to talk to people. What a great example! So many of the missionaries here are good at that, too! It is a good trait to emulate.

I hope I’m learning something.


Elder and Sister Campbell

– Making rope
– Dance band
– String quartet (above)
– Sister Campbell and Sister Monney
– Elder Campbell and Elder Monney with the rope they made






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