She read The Book of Mormon and was baptized.


February 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

We are sitting in the Browning Gun Shop and Home, waiting for visitors to come. We are serving with Elder and Sister Mayne from Missouri. This is a very interesting site, one of my favorite ones, even though I have only been here once or twice. It is generally a site that the elders serve in, with the exceptions of Sundays. Jonathan Browning invented the repeating rifle. He is also famous for his innovative gun making skills. Elder Campbell will talk about the rifle making process. I will talk about Jonathan and how he came to Nauvoo to meet Joseph Smith and eventually join the church.

The mission choir sang today, “Sweet Hour of Prayer,” and did very well! The 40+-voice choir was right together and watching me with their consonants and breathes pretty much together. It was nice, and almost brought tears to my eyes. We have 7 more rehearsals left, and 3 more songs to prepare within that time. Then we will stop choir for the season, as the busy season will not allow time to hold choir practice.

We’ve been attending the Susan Easton Black Durrant lectures on the early Saints. On Thursday she concluded her remarks by talking about Jane Manning, a Black woman who joined the church in 1842. Jane was in born a free woman in 1822 in Connecticut. When the missionaries came to the home where she lived as a servant, none of the household wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon. Jane was not asked. Most Black people could not read. She had to prove to the missionaries that she could read before they would give her a book. She read the Book of Mormon and was baptized. She was about 19 years old. Soon several members of her family were converted.

She and her family eventually went West with the Saints. For years she spent one day in ten working on the temple in Salt Lake, but was never given the opportunity in this life to receive her temple blessings. Even though Jane could not receive those blessings in this life, she was faithful in the church to the end of her life. Sister Durrant concluded that we should all strive to be as faithful as this great woman, Jane Manning.

February 24, 2014

We did have two tours in the Browning Gun Shop and Home. Then last night we attended a “Sociable” (meeting) about Carthage. There were several guest speakers. It was pretty interesting and informative. They covered the history of the Carthage Jail since the martyrdom and the future of the jail and the work that needs to be done on the building.

Last week Elder Campbell did a little work at the Water House, grouting the tile flooring. He also did some work on the walls of the Wilford Woodruff home. That project should be finished this week. He worked some on Phase Three, the newest building at Facilities Management. There he helped put up a wall and hung doors.

I kept busy in the sites. At Land and Records I was excited to get the Brigham Young file to update it. I enjoy working in the various sites with the sisters in the mission.

Well, that is all for this week. Have a great week, all!


Elder and Sister Campbell

– My favorite room in the Browning home
– In Elder Campbell’s favorite room in the Browning home (above)
– With Sister Mayne in the Browning home




2 thoughts on “She read The Book of Mormon and was baptized.

  1. Hi you two cute Nauvoo residents,

    I enjoy your emails and especially your pictures. I’m so glad you are serving in the Browning Gun Shop and Home. Jonathan Browning and Elizabeth Stalcup are my great-great-great grandparents. Their eldest son, David Elias Browning, is my great-great grandfather. He is the father of my great-grandmother who is the mother of my grandfather who is my mother’s father. Pretty neat!

    You two are looking well and happy and really cute in your period clothing!

    Love, Jaleen Walker

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