Valentine’s Day Dance


February 16, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

As we continue on in our mission, our new mission president still has not been able to come. He has met with the two counselors over the internet a few times, but mostly the mission is being run by our acting president, President Chynoweth and counselor President Jones. These elders were the two counselors to President Gilliland. They and the zone leaders are doing an excellent job of keeping things running smoothly.

One very fun thing happened on Valentine’s Day. We had a dance on the third floor of the historical Cultural Hall. It was very special, something that is not normally done. We had to get special permission from Salt Lake to hold the dance there.

The Cultural Hall is one of the original buildings in Old Nauvoo. It was bought back by the church in 1967 and was restored to its original state as much as possible. The family who bought the hall in the 1880’s removed the 3rd story because of deterioration. They used the building as a 2-story home. Then when the church was restoring the 3rd story, they discovered the original floor under the roof. So they put up walls from that original 3rd story floor.

We had our dance on that original floor, complete with dance band and entertainment. The band was by our three dance band missionaries. The entertainment was The Nauvoo String Quartet. We played a couple of numbers from the balcony of the 3rd floor. It was pretty cool!

Right now Facilities Management is renovating and/or painting a few of the historical homes. Elder Campbell has spent a lot of time in the Wilford Woodruff Home chipping off old wall plaster and getting ready to put on new. This week he worked in President Cynoweth’s basement putting in a new floor drain and a new wall. It is a continual process to upgrade the homes.

I worked in the various sites, as usual. I will be serving in the Cultural Hall two times each week, as I am now the assistant site leader. (The site leaders help to keep things in the various sites in order.) Today choir practice went quite well. They are ready for next Sunday, when we will sing. They will sing a lovely Beebe arrangement of “Sweet Hour of Prayer.” We do have some very nice voices in the choir, and they generally blend quite well. Our accompanist, Sister Peterson, plays beautifully. I am fortunate to be able to serve with her about two times each month in the Cultural Hall where there is a piano. When we have no visitors we can rehearse together.

In Sunday School we talked about Abraham and the promises made to him. These promised blessings can also be ours as we receive and make covenants and as we keep the commandments. One of our privileges and responsibilities as members is to preach the gospel throughout the world. Elder Campbell would like to share this quote with you on that subject by Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles:

As surely as the Lord has inspired more missionaries to serve, He is also awakening the minds and opening the hearts of more good and honest people to receive His missionaries. You already know them or will know them. They are in your family and live in your neighborhood. They walk past you on the street, sit by you in school and connect with you online. You too are an important part of this unfolding miracle.” “It’s a Miracle,” April 2013 general conference.

Have a great week, all!


Elder and Sister Campbell

– At the dance (above)
– Elder Campbell on the day of the Exodus re-enactment
– Dancers listening to the Nauvoo String Quartet
– Missionary dancers
– Nauvoo String Quartet playing from the balcon







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