We stopped at the ice.


February 9, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Elder Campbell and I both gave our lessons today from the Joseph Smiths was in Priesthood Meeting and mine was in Relief Society. The lesson was on God the Father and was based on the teachings of the prophet Joseph Smith. For both of us we felt the lessons went very well. We both wanted plenty of class discussion and were able to get it, so we were happy.

Elder Campbell began his lesson with the following statement by Joseph Smith: “The purposes of our God are great, His love unfathomable, His wisdom infinite, and His power unlimited; therefore, the Saints have cause to rejoice and be glad, knowing that ‘this God is our God forever and ever, and He will be our Guide until death’ [see Psalm 48:14].”

We both chose the following question to end the lesson with: What are some things we can do to nurture our children and grandchildren’s love for their Heavenly Father?

Here are some of the suggestions the classes came up with:

Ask them more questions about what they know about Heavenly Father.
Teach them to picture Him as a person who joys when they are happy.
Teach them to turn to God in times of trial.
Teach, pray, and fast. Be an example.
Learn from them.
Tell them that while we are on a mission they can’t be with us, but we still love them. So, too, while on this earth we can’t be with Heavenly Father, but He still loves us, and we can talk to Him through prayer.
Love everyone, because Heavenly Father does, and we are doing His work.
Tell them you are serving because you love Heavenly Father.
Let them read in your journal.

Through our study Elder Campbell and I both learned a lot, as is always the case.

Yesterday was a big event here, the re-enactment of the Exodus from Nauvoo. Missionaries had been preparing for it for quite a while. The Saints left Nauvoo on a sub-zero day in February, 1846. Our re-enactment was on a cold day, February 8, 2014. People walked down to the end of Parley Street along-side teams and wagons to the Mississippi River. The early Saints were able to cross over on ice. (We stopped at the ice.)

My favorite part of the event was indoors, singing during the program prior to our walk. Our string quartet was playing, and then everyone joined in singing “Let Us All Press On.” As they were singing I was thinking, “They all left, and now we are back.” It was neat to hear everyone’s voices.

Elder Campbell was in the Nauvoo Militia. He carried a “Rendezvous” gun (from our show). He was specially assigned to walk by Dan, one of the horses, to keep him calm. He said he made a new friend, as the horse liked to nestle his nose under his arm.

I carried an English flag, representing some of my English ancestors. I walked for my 3rd great grandmother, Elizabeth Coffin Rawson. Elder Campbell walked for his 3rd great grandfather, Hezekiah Thatcher. It was a little cold, but we dressed warm.

We spent most of our week preparing for the week-end events and responsibilities. Tonight we are going to watch a video made yesterday of the re-enactment.

We hope you are all keeping well! Sorry that we have not been very good lately about calling you and keeping in touch. We miss talking to you!


Elder and Sister Campbell

– String quartet playing before re-enanctment
– Elders Ballard and Taye joinging the quartet
– Elder Campbell with Dan
– Sister Campbell on the ice (barely)








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