String Quartet


January 26, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Elder Campbell and I are sitting in Lyon Drug waiting for visitors to come. We just finished giving a tour to a sweet young couple who were making a day of it visiting the sites in Old Nauvoo. It’s kind of special to give a tour right now, when there are so few visitors in town.

Last Sunday our acting mission president, President Chynoweth, conducted a meeting of music and testimony. I played in a string quartet with Elder and Sister Germer and Sister Jones. We played hymns and hymn arrangements. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. We enjoy getting together to practice.

I worked all week in the various sites, doing research in Land and Records, practicing in the Cultural Hall with our choir accompanist, and studying, knitting, and doing humanitarian work in some of the other sites. I believe we had only one tour all week. Elder Campbell worked at the Water House again this week, sanding most of the time, working towards getting ready to paint.

On Wednesday we had our Wednesday morning mission training meeting. Before it started we were able to have a video chat with our new mission president and his wife, President and Sister Hunter of St. George. President Hunter is recovering from some back issues and it will be another week or so before they can come. It was nice to meet them via the internet. They will be wonderful to serve under when they finally do get here.

Tonight we are having district meeting at our house. Our district leaders, Elder and Sister Taylor, are not able to be here, so they asked us to act in their stead. Since today was such a busy day we had to get everything ready yesterday. We are having dinner and then a group discussion. It will be based on questions the Savior used in His teachings in the New Testament. Everyone has to come up with questions we can use in the sites using the Savior’s pattern for teaching.

The house had to be cleaned and the living room reorganized so that we could fit in a table. We did some shopping and cooking, getting everything ready the night before. We studied every night all week in order to be prepared.

We also started practices for “Sunset by the Mississippi” this week. It will be fun!

Carry on, everyone, with all of the wonderful things you are doing in your own lives!


Elder and Sister Campbell


P.S. Here are a couple of questions our district came up with at the meeting:

If you knew that there was a prophet on the earth today would you be interested in what he had to say?
What are we packing in our wagon as we journey back to our Heavenly Father? What do we need to throw out of our wagon?

– Elder Campbell
– Elders Jones, Gillespie, Thurston, and Campbell at the Water House
– Sister Campbell, Elder and Sister Germer, Sister Jones (above)




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