How to nurture children’s…


January 12, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

How are you doing? Elder Campbell and I are in the Carthage Visitors’ Center with Elder and Sister Ballard, waiting for visitors to come. So far no one has come, but we still have some time left. Sister Ballard was doing some indexing, so I decided to try. I am just a beginner at it. Then Elder Ballard and I played some music. I played hymns on the lovely baby grand piano while he played his harmonica. Elder Campbell and Sister Ballard listened. Those are some of the things we do while we are waiting for visitors.

Elder Campbell continues to work on the Water House remodel. It is coming along. It’s a good thing there is heat in the house, because earlier in the week we had 40 below zero weather with the wind chill factor. It has warmed up considerably, to about 40 above now.

I worked 1 ½ days on a shawl for Sister Gilliland in the Family Living Center. President and Sister Gilliland are going home at the end of this week. We will go over to their place to say good-bye, as they are having an informal open house today. Last Sunday President Gilliland gave his last zone conference. It was an excellent study of the Tree of Life as in 1 Nephi 8. He cross referenced with 1 Nephi 12 and 1 Nephi 15. We discussed how it applies to us now. Of course, we have studied it many times before, but his was the most in-depth study I have heard.

Elder Campbell adds this all-important question, one that is a part of his upcoming Priesthood lesson, “In what ways can we nurture children’s love for their Heavenly Father?” I add, “How can we nurture their desire to stay hold of the iron rod and feast upon the word of God?”

Elder Campbell found a Conference Report by Joe J. Chirstensen of the Presidency of the Seventy (“Rearing Children in a Polluted Environment”, Oct 1993) that you may want to look up and study. In his talk he said, “First, do not be afraid to set clear moral standards and guidelines. Be sure to say no when it is needed. Second, teach your children to work and to take responsibility. Third, create an environment in your family in which spiritual experiences can occur. Fourth, follow the counsel of the prophets.”

We welcome your comments and suggestions on this subject.

We send our love and warm wishes to all,

Elder and Sister Campbell

– With President and Sister Gilliland at their home (above)
– In Carthage Visitors’ Center with Elder and Sister Ballard
– Shots of the Water House





2 thoughts on “How to nurture children’s…

  1. I would add to the questiones posed, to help children develope a desire to attened church and sit reverently during sacrament meeting. We sit up front because it illimnates a lot of distracions for them and they pay much closer attention. This process has been underway since our oldest was just 1 yr. After, we ask simple questions, casualy quizzing them on the meeting and surprisingly all of them can respond in some degree to the topics given during the meeting. We teach them that going to the bathroom is not accpetable during sacrament and classes, that they can go before church or after and between classes. We teach them that sacrament meeting isn’t an art class or the movie theater. We teach them to dress properly to give respect for the sabboth day. We don’t know how well this appoach is working, but we do know that they enjoy going to church and that they are learning the gospel. Of course these are all suplimental to the learning in the home, but one thing that can’t be done in the home is the sacred sacrament. We are trying to teach them the formalities but also the purpose of the Lord’s Sacrament.

  2. Good point Paul. We too have adopted many of these same ideas and rules for church. One thing I think we will consider would be discussing more of what is taught in sacrament meeting. We talk about lessons from primary, but not sacrament meeting. Good thoughts mom and dad!

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