Christmas Well-Wishes


December 29, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Elder Campbell and I are sitting here at the Lyon Drug on a cold and blistery December 29, waiting for visitors to come. We are both working on the lessons that we have been asked to give in two weeks in Relief Society and Priesthood meeting.

The week was nice. On Sunday we went Christmas caroling as a district, a mission picture on the temple steps, a mission bread and soup supper, all followed by a Christmas social at President Gilliland’s home. We attended a Christmas Eve dinner and party at Elder and Sister Jones’ home, and an elegant Christmas dinner for the entire mission on Christmas Day. In spite of the extremely cold weather the festivities were enjoyed by all. At Jones, I and another sister played Christmas music on the violin and piano while the others sang. Prior to the mission Christmas Day dinner I played in a string quartet for atmosphere music. People seemed to appreciate it, even though we wanted to do it because we enjoy playing together. We are going to continue to get together one morning each week just for fun.

This week I did my final duet with Sister May on the song, “Farewell, Nauvoo.” Elder and Sister May finished their mission and have now gone home. I will miss doing that part, but I won’t miss the stress of it. It was fun to have that opportunity.

On Friday while serving in the Family Living Center, two of the elders had their musical instruments, so I went back home to get mine. We played a few songs together in between guests. There were actually a lot of guests that day, people here during Christmas break. It was nice to actually give tours to people. Other than that, we work on humanitarian projects in the sites, or on our own projects.

Elder Campbell continues to work on some of the housing, finishing up the inside of the remodel house. He also did some repair work on some of the temple missionary housing. His ankle is healing up, as well as an eczema that he developed on his arms. He is getting better. We are both in good health.

We send our love to you, and appreciate all of your Christmas well-wishes this season.

Happy New Year to all!


Elder and Sister Campbell

P.S. Here is a closing thought, something that came into my mind yesterday as I was leaving the temple. No matter what your background, where your are from, where you have been, what you have done, who your parents are, what they did, or what they taught you– whatever your past is should not limit you as to what you can become because you are a child of a loving Heavenly Father. You have unlimited potential to become like Him. The decision is yours. It’s up to you.

– Serving in Lyon Drug on Sunday



4 thoughts on “Christmas Well-Wishes

  1. I agree with Kendra. Your PS is the best part of this letter. It is the truth! I was just thinking about this today during Sunday School and as I prepare for my lesson on foreordination. Good stuff!

  2. Good stuff indeed! Keep up the good work as you prepare for the next rush of visitors. I’m amazed at how organized and well though out you time is spent is serving The Lord. Thanks for your example.

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