Enduring Conversion


November 24, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

We trust that you are all doing well. Things are going great for us here. It was a week of putting up decorations in the sites, raking leaves, working on the shawl loom, and for Elder Campbell, continuing to take out the inside walls and now the flooring of a home on the Mississippi River. We also spent one evening helping Elder and Sister Davis put together luminaries for the Christmas walk in two weeks.

The mission choir sang in Sacrament Meeting again today and did a fantastic job! They sang, “I Give All Thanks to Thee,” by Gerald Lund. Even though the rehearsal last week was a little rough, they came right through and sang beautifully.

I spent several hours on Thursday raking leaves with several other sisters. It was a big job. Now I am an expert on raking leaves. It’s true that in whatever capacity we serve, and I am sure for Elder Campbell, too, we learn a lot and feel like possibly an expert on that thing when the job is done.

Much of my spare time this week has been spent getting music ready or practicing music for our big event, the Christmas Walk, on December 6. All of the missionaries are learning a cute song called, “Light Up the Tree,” for the tree lighting, which starts off the festivities. We are hoping for a big crowd that night.

Friday night Rodger and Mary Sorensen of Soda Springs stopped by on their way to visit Trent and Nicole for Thanksgiving in Ohio. They took us to dinner and then were on their way again. It was good to see them and catch up on the news from home.

Saturday morning we attended the temple with Ed and Eunice Johnson and members of their branch of Fairfield, Iowa. We had a nice little visit with them. Then a little later we went with Elder Campbell’s carpentry companions, Elders Mendenhall and Gillespie, and their wives to dinner at an Italian place in Keokuk. Elder and Sister Mendenhall are going home in about two weeks, so I thought we three couples ought to get together. We hate to see them leave.

Then we hurried back home again to get ready for “Rendezvous,” in which Elder Campbell and I had several cool parts to do. It was fun, and there were quite a few visitors in attendance. As a cast it was one of our best shows yet!

During Sacrament Meeting today as the temple president was speaking, I had these thoughts, which had something to do with what he was saying. “How much study do I need to do to have an enduring conversion? How much study do I need to do to have the Holy Ghost with me constantly?” Every day Elder Campbell and I each have our personal study, and every evening we have companion study. But often the time is short because of other needs and obligations. I do know that the level of my conversion is directly related to the time and effort that I put into it.

I suppose that I could feel to be an expert on a certain gospel subject as I study it and put it into practice, similar to the feelings of expertise on tasks such as carpentry and gardening. Yet there is a difference. I can be an expert on a gospel subject and yet not have a knowledge of the truthfulness of it. Expertise does not constitute truth. The Holy Ghost bears record of truth. One may come to know the truthfulness of any thing through that power. “By the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.” Moroni 10:5.

Have a great week, you all!


Elder and Sister Campbell

– view of the Women’s Gardens
– posing after a lot of hard work (above)
– 3 sister missionaries l to r, Gillespie, Mendenhall, Campbell
– view of the Women’s Gardens
– posing after a lot of hard work
– 3 sister missionaries l to r, Gillespie, Mendenhall, Campbell

– putting up decorations in the 70’s Hall
– Elder Campbell with Elder Mendenhall in gutted-out house
– Part of the ceiling line








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