Be good. Do Good.


November 3, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

This week went well in that I was able to share the tour with all of my companions in the way that Sister Gilliland taught. It is hard to do because each sister has a certain way she likes to give the tour. In the summer we were too busy to share the tours. One group after another came in and we had split up. That worked well then. But now, with the volume of visitors way down, we are supposed to work together. When I went on a tour with Paul and Whitney and family last month, I found that I preferred to hear from both of the tour guides. If only one spoke I felt the tour was lacking. But it is hard to work together well. Both have to be willing to adapt and share what is said. That is the trick.

This week Elder Campbell got soaking wet driving a man basket in the rain. They used the man basket to put a hoist beam on the back of the print shop. The beam was used originally to hoist the printing presses up to the second floor. He also worked on an old blue house, repairing some siding on it and some places that had rotted out on the eaves. He and Elders Mendenhall and Gillespie put window wells on another home and put a cellar door on another. They also put some concrete stops in a parking area.

Today we are serving in the print shop together. So far no visitors have come. We did some studying together and now we are studying separately. There is always something to do.

Choir practice went quite well. I just got a phone call from the new zone leaders saying that they have moved their zone leaders’ meetings so that they can attend choir. That will add three great singers, and possibly two more! Yay!

On Monday we invited Elder and Sister Knudson over for dinner. They are going home this week to Oregon. We had a great visit with them. On Thursday evening we went over to Elder and Sister Gneiting’s home to play some music and sing old-time songs. (Elder Gneiting is a cousin to Galan Gneiting of Soda Springs.) We had two harmonica players, a saxophone player, a pianist, and a guitarist (me). Everyone else sang. It was great, and it got me playing again. I also had my violin, but it didn’t lend itself to the dynamics of the group so well.

I was able to play my violin for two hours yesterday at a Nauvoo Community Orchestra rehearsal for the Messiah. It was great fun and will be nice to be in that performance next month. Several other missionaries will also be participating.

Sister Brown, another missionary who is leaving this week, said in testimony meeting that it is not enough to be good. We must do good and share the good that is within us. I leave that as a closing thought, that we not only strive to be good, but to do good, and to share the good that we have. Those who lose themselves in service will flourish, and there will be more of their persona to share.

Have a great week!


Elder and Sister Campbell

– Waiting for visitors in the print shop
– Fall colors
– Elder Campbell below a hoist beam in back of the print shop
– Sister Campbell next to an1840’s printing press
– Snapshot of the play Rendezvous (unapproved)








One thought on “Be good. Do Good.

  1. Is this an unapproved picture because Elder Campbell said, “Hun!” 🙂 Here in Hobbs, there is a community Christmas pageant or concert. They did it last year, but I never knew about it. I will be helping this year. It should be fun!

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