Halloween in Nauvoo


October 27, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

This week we spent a bit of time getting ready for Halloween in Nauvoo. On Monday several sisters got together to fill Halloween sacks full of candy. About 1200 or so bags were filled in all. The missionaries donated the candy. On Friday we went to a Facility Management building to help carve pumpkins. Some people drew faces on the pumpkins, and missionaries and townsfolk carved them, 500 of them.

Elder Campbell and I practiced with the missionary Crazy Band three nights in a row. Then last night (Saturday) the Crazy Band piled on the carriage and played and sang, “You Are My Sunshine,” “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” and other old favorites. The horse drawn carriage was in the parade down jack-o-lantern-lined Mulholland Street. People came from neighboring villages to take part in the festivities. Stores were open for the evening. Clubs and civic groups sold concessions on the street. Children came in costume to trick-or-treat at the various businesses.

On Thursday afternoon Elder Campbell took a sour dough bread making class from Elder Bogaski. He brought home two delicious loaves of sour dough bread, which we have been enjoying. Yesterday a young lady on the street spoke to Elder Campbell, having recognized him from his part in “Rendezvous” the night before. She said, “You did a good job!” That was the first compliment he had received from a visitor. A little later another person said much the same thing to him. It was like our director told us, that you think no one will notice you, especially if you stand at the back of the stage. But you never know the influence you may have on others. You don’t think you will make any difference. But someone in particular will see you in the show and it will make an impression on them. That is proving to be true.

This week Elder Campbell worked on putting windows in a house and doing more siding on another house. He also helped build a door for the entrance into a tornado shelter.

One day this week as my companion and I were preparing for visitors to come into the Lucy Mack Smith home, Sister Gilliland dropped by. She coached us on our tour, suggesting that we share the tour as the single sisters do, trading back and forth every few sentences or so. She had us practice, with her as the visitor. It went pretty well. She gave a few more suggestions and then had to leave. We worked on those suggestions, and we actually did it! This is the ideal way to give a tour, but until now I haven’t been able to achieve it. I am pretty excited!

The choir sang again today in Sacrament Meeting. I was very pleased with their performance. They followed me very well and were right on. It is fun to direct the choir, but stressful, as I have to constantly be preparing for the next rehearsal. It is good for me.

We hope you all have a great week. We love you all very much! You are all in our prayers continually!


Elder and Sister Campbell

– Sister Campbell planting tulip bulbs in the Women’s Gardens
– Elder Campbell helping in the Women’s Gardens
– Carving pumpkin
– Sister Campbell with work completed
– Elder Campbell with carving project
– A trailer full of carved pumpkins
– On the crazy band wagon
– Crazy band horse-drawn wagon
– Petting the horses
– Sister and Elder Campbell in a photo shoot





















One thought on “Halloween in Nauvoo

  1. I love that you get to do fun Halloween stuff! I think this would have been a great time for a visit! 🙂 We just bought pumpkins today. We drove 20 minutes to where a pumpkin stand was supposed to be, with pumpkins fresh from the local farms, but they were gone! Instead, we went to Wal-Mart, and the pumpkins are all unnaturally light, meaning I might not get to cook them and use them like I usually do. :/

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