It was simple but profound


October 20, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

All in all we had a pretty good week. We are both very involved in several parts in the show, “Rendezvous.” Since quite a few cast members have gone home it left a lot of gaps to be filled. While I think most of the cast members are glad to have more to do in the show, it also makes it more confusing and we have to be more on our toes. Even though we are double cast on everything, Sister May and I have been singing the duet, “Farewell Nauvoo,” every show until another couple can get ready to do it. The duet is normally done by a husband and wife team, but since Elder May doesn’t sing, another sister has been doing the duet with Sister May for several months. I am excited that I get to do it for a while.

We were surprised the other day when our district leader, Elder Taylor, stopped by. We thought he was coming to bring us a new battery for our laptop. He had said he would order one for us. But when he tried to do it he had a feeling that he shouldn’t, so he put it off for the next day. The next day his son called to say that the company they co-own was given two laptops as a promotion, one for each of them. Elder and Sister Taylor had recently purchased new laptops and didn’t need one, so they decided to give theirs to us. We were flabbergasted and didn’t quite know what to say! It was a very nice and thoughtful gift, for which we are now indebted to them. It is a Dell Inspiron windows 7, and very nice. Now we have the built-in camera. The speakers are much louder than our old one, and best of all, it doesn’t shut off when we stream conference or do video chats! (We haven’t tried a video chat, but will tonight.) Today we have it with us in the Pendelton Log School so that I can write to you while we are waiting for visitors. We have only had one tour so far.

Choir practice went well. It was a little disjointed, as the best laid plans often don’t work out, but the singers did well. They are catching on to the parts quite fast. For Thanksgiving we are working on a gorgeous number called “I Give All Thanks to Thee,” by Gerald N. Lund. We have also started our Christmas music. It is really fun to be the director. I feel really blessed to have the calling.

This week Elder Campbell finished redoing a porch. They mended it, supported it, and sided it. They also put new windows in it.

I served in the sewing room, which was a nice change. I made a site apron for one of the sister missionaries. On Thursday I was in the Land and Record office. We were so busy that I hardly had time to do research. I met a lot of very nice people who were so excited to find information there about their ancestors.

On Friday I served in Carthage. I started right out giving tours by myself to large tour-bus groups of 38 to 40 people. I really enjoyed that, as I do best when I can give a tour by myself. When it was time to bear testimony at the end, I simply ended with my testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet, of the Book of Mormon, and of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Then I told them that Heavenly Father loves each one of them very much. After the tour a woman who had been signing for her teen-age son thanked me for the tour. She gave me a hug and said she could tell that her son felt close to Heavenly Father during the tour. She had been praying that he would, hoping that he would have a good experience from it that would help his testimony grow. I had been praying to know what to say.

It was simple but profound. That is how it works when you teach by the spirit. I am still an infant in that area, but working on it.

Well, that is all for now. We hope you all have a wonderful week!


Elder and Sister Campbell

– Silhouette of Joseph Smith in the Carthage Jail window from a painting. You can see it when the lighting is just right and it is cloudy outside.
– Elder Campbell picking persimmons
– Changing colors in Nauvoo
– Elder Campbell and a missionary horse (above)





2 thoughts on “It was simple but profound

  1. It is always so exciting to see that you have a new post for us to read! We love hearing all about how life in Nauvoo is treating you and seeing all your beautiful pictures. Sending BIG (((HUGS))) your way…..The Humphreys Family

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