Becoming Like The Savior


October 6, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

The next session of conference starts in 30 minutes, so I will be brief. We had a wonderful week, as it started with a visit from Paul and Whitney and four children! We had a blast visiting, touring the sites with them, and seeing all that there is to see in Old Nauvoo. We especially enjoyed time with the children, being amazed at how fast they are growing, and being reminded of how smart and well-behaved they are. My favorite thing was getting dropped off at a shop in Nauvoo while Paul and Whitney drove home to get ready to go to the temple. Grandpa (Elder Campbell) and I helped the kids pick out something to buy and then walked over to the Joseph and Hyrum monument and down the grassy slope to our home.

I took my preparation day on Wednesday, so was able to spend the whole day with them. After Elder Campbell got off his shift at 1 p.m. we all drove to Carthage and the jail. The next day was sad, as we said good-bye and they started their trip home.

Elder Campbell worked the week laying tiles in a home. He also built a roof for a well. I served in some of the usual sites, the last two being the John Taylor home and the Cultural Hall. While in the Cultural Hall I practiced with my companion, Sister Peterson, who plays the piano for choir. We also worked on the duet I will be singing soon, with Sister May.

Today we served in the Visitors’ Center during the opening session of conference. We were able to listen to part of the talks, but it was our job, along with another couple, to greet visitors as they came in. There were several people who came in to learn more about Old Nauvoo and to find out more about our church. Old Nauvoo is well-known around here for its historical as well as religious significance. People often do come here to find out what it is all about. Old Nauvoo is a great missionary tool.

We hope all is well for all of you. We hope that you are growing in your own knowledge of the Savior and developing the qualities he exemplified. I am finding that it is a life-time pursuit, one to ever be improving on.

We send our love,

Elder and Sister Campbell
-Truman, Max, Suzie, Elder Campbell, Paul, Whitney, Luke
-Sister Campbell with lineup for last scene of Rendezvous
-Learning at Carthage Jail
-In front of the Jail
-At the Joseph and Hyrum Monument
-Posing at the monument
-Posing at the monument
-Sister Gines, Sister Hughes, and Elder and Sister Campbell (our mock lesson missionaries)
-Dinner at Grandma’s
-Max after a carriage ride
-Learning at Carthage Jail












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