The Work Continues On


September 2, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

For late August it has been rather hot here. It has been up to 100 degrees F, plus the humidity factor. I haven’t minded it, as I have been in air-conditioned buildings most of the time. However, Elder Campbell has had to work out in it. He comes home totally wet with perspiration! He has been working in carpentry, fixing up some of the houses, taking rotten wood out of windowsills and putting new in. He also worked on putting up walls for the new FM building.

On Monday after our shifts we were able to take a little more time to find where the Shurtliff and Phelps properties were in the 1840’s. We were able to walk right to them. Neither one are very far from our house. We have yet to drive up north to the Niota area where the Thatchers and the Babcocks had property, and down south to the Tioga or Yelrome area where the Hancocks lived. We took pictures of what we did find. Other ancestors who were here are James Holmes and his mother, Martha Barker Holmes. Apparently they didn’t have property in Nauvoo.

All week I have been working on the choir music so as to be ready for the first choir practice. A lot of people are interested, so it should be a good choir once we get started. The music will be fun. I have been nervous about it, but shouldn’t be. People here are very forgiving and do not nitpick over things in this mission, as a rule. This is as close to a Zion community as I have ever lived in, right here in Nauvoo. You rarely hear an unkind word by anyone.

The sites haven’t been very busy these last several days. While we are waiting for visitors we read, visit, and knit or crochet. Some of the sites have sewing machines in them where sisters work on humanitarian projects. I have started a new crocheted blanket pattern. I learned it from Sister Grygla, who just finished her mission with her husband and went home on Monday.

On Thursday President and Sister Gilliland substituted for Elder and Sister Ward on their part in “Rendezvous,” as Sister Ward was ill. They sang a beautiful duet and did it on short notice. We have a new “Rendezvous” director, who is doing a good job. She is a lot more particular about details, though, which is a bit frustrating for some. In the long run it will make our show better.

On Friday we had our monthly mission breakfast, where we said our official good-byes to more missionaries going home. There are 38 missionaries leaving right away. Then we went to the dentist in Hamilton, about 12 miles south of here. Happily, we didn’t have any cavities. We hurried back so Elder Campbell could finish his shift with his carpentry buddies, Elder Gillespie and Elder Mendenhall. By the time he got there they had already quit for the day because of the heat.

Well, that is all for the week. The work continues on. Visitors continue to come here, and the missionaries continue to teach and testify of the great sacrifices that the early Saints made for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The great legacy of Old Nauvoo continues on.


Elder and Sister Campbell

-Elder Campbell in front of the graves of Joseph, Hyrum, and Emma Smith (above)
-Site of Shurtliff property
-Sister Campbell in front of Shurtliff property
-Site of Phelps property
-Another portion of the Phelps property
-Sister Campbell in front of the Phelps property
-Elder Campbell in front of the Phelps property
-Sister Campbell in same spot
-Elder Campbell near where Lucy and Joseph Smith Sr. are buried











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