Christ, the epitome of obedience


August 18, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was very busy. After church we got ready to serve in the Sarah Granger Kimball home until five p.m. Then we came home and got ready to attend a district meeting.

At district meeting we ate a potluck salad supper. Afterward each of us took a turn to give a five-minute talk on an attribute of Christ of our choosing. We learned something from everyone’s talks. All were uplifting and inspiring. I chose the attribute of charity and Elder Campbell chose obedience.

I related charity to the sons of Mosiah, who could not stand the thought of anyone enduring “endless torment” due to wickedness (see Mosiah 27:3). I shared another example of charity about our old bishop, Bishop Taylor, who is always caring for other people.

Elder Campbell used the example of Christ as the epitome of obedience to the Father (Mosiah 15:7), where “The will of the Son [was] swallowed up in the will of the Father.” He used another example of obedience from Matthew 7:24-27. The wise man was obedient by building his house upon a solid foundation, but the foolish man was disobedient and built his house upon the sand.

In Sunday School I participated in a musical number at the end of the lesson. I sang in a trio for the first part of the song, “The Hearts of the Children.” On the last verse I played a violin obligato. It was a nice change from other musical numbers that we have had. Today I also invited everyone to sign up for our mission choir, and asked them to list what part they sing. Fifty-five people signed up, and the parts are quite evenly divided. It should be fun, but I have a lot of studying yet to do before I feel I am ready.

This week two new counselors were put in the mission presidency, as the others are going home soon. We also got a new “Rendezvous” director. So changes are all around, which makes things rather interesting.

Elder Campbell finished siding the house he had worked on for a couple of weeks. They also sided an outhouse. I worked in Facilities Management one day myself, pruning trees and bushes. FM works hard to keep everything here looking nice.

Well, that’s all for tonight. We are heading for bed so that we can start a new week bright and shiny! We send our love to you all!


Elder and Sister Campbell

-Elder and Sister in front of Christus statue (above)
-Elder Campbell siding a house
-Siding crew
-Elder and Sister Campbell in front of Nauvoo Temple
-Sister Campbell in front of a field of corn
-Elder Campbell in front of Joseph and Hyrum monument
-Sister Campbell in front on monument
-Wagon ride
-The house Elder Campbell helped to side
-Elder Campbell in front of Christus in Visitors Center











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