Happy Birthday Mom


August 11, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Nauvoo has settled down quite a bit with Pageant now gone. The sites and streets are much less busy. Sunday night the Young Performing Missionaries put on an inspiring “Sociable” (or fireside) for us. They sang songs of testimony, faith, and of the Holy Ghost. They told us personal stories from their experiences here, stories that were inspiring. Afterwards we had a few moments to thank them and tell them good-bye.

I served in the Nauvoo Visitor’s Center on Tuesday. For part of my shift there I was able to go into the basement where all of the choir music is stored to pick out choir music for the upcoming months. There is quite a nice selection of music down there.

A little bit later, back on the main floor, I was talking to a bus driver who brought a large group of young single adults from Vernal, Utah. I told him that I had a cousin from Vernal, Laura Foley. He spoke with an accent, and was from Argentina. He didn’t know her, but said, pointing around the room, that there was a room full of people from Vernal. I ventured towards a group of them. They knew Laura and said that her daughter, Daneka, was among them, that she was the head of the group.

She wasn’t actually in the visitor’s center at that time, but I told them where I would be the next day and to ask her to stop by and so I could meet her. So the next day she did stop by while I was at the John Taylor home. We visited briefly. It was nice to meet another cousin whom I had never before met!

On Thursday I served in the Land and Records Office. I enjoyed doing research and helping patrons look up their ancestors to see if they were here in Nauvoo, and to find out where they lived. Towards the end of the day all of the band members came in and sang “Where Two or Three are Gathered Together.” They didn’t have their instruments with them, but they all sang beautifully! It was a wonderful gift to us serving there. Then there were handshakes for all of the elders and good-bye hugs for all of the sisters.

We performed our last two “Sunset by the Mississippi” shows for the season this week. The Young Performing Missionaries are a major part of the show, and it’s quite sad to see it all end. Everyone did a wonderful job. Afterward, the sister missionaries went into the sister’s dressing room to present each of the Young Performing Sister Missionaries (both singers/dancers and band members) with a cap to match their show dresses, made by the sewing room. It was a special presentation orchestrated by Sister Allen, head of the sewing room. Then we said our good-byes and gave them all hugs again.

For three weeks now Elder Campbell, Elder Gillespie and Elder Mendenhall have worked on the home they have been siding. It is the home of Elder and Sister Fullenbach (on the main floor) and Elder and Sister Reidhead (upstairs). Every morning Elder Fullenbach has come outside with his guitar to sing them a song. On Friday Sister Fullenbach joined him. Also on Friday some of the Young Performing Missionaries came over and sang a beautiful song just for them, and then waved their good-byes.

Yesterday we had lunch at Pizza Hut with James Miller and the Keokuk Elders. James is the young man we brought to Pageant two weeks ago. He finally called and wanted to do something. His phone hadn’t been disconnected after all. We had a nice visit. Hopefully he will be able to visit with the elders this week. I encouraged him to go to the Keokuk branch to church. He thought maybe he could go in two weeks.

Last night in the Green Room before our “Rendezvous” show, everyone in our cast sang “Happy Birthday” to me. Sister Ballard is the social director and does fun things. She had me choose to be a tourist, a cowboy, or a princess. I chose to be a tourist, so I had to wear big sun glasses, a necklace, and a hat, while they sang. Fun, fun.

Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes. Many people here have wished me a happy birthday, too, and Elder Campbell is making me a cake, so I am being spoiled.

We send our love,

Elder and Sister Campbell

P.S. We just got back from zone conference and a cookie send-off for all of the young missionaries leaving. More good-byes and hugs. We are sending a few pictures.

-Dancing on the stage of “Sunset by the Mississippi”
-Elder and Sister Campbell with violinist, singer, and dancer, Sister McCallister
-Elder Burt (percussionist) and Elder Thunell (guitarist, singer, dancer, and gymnist)
-Sister Campbell and Sister Klingler
-Sister Campbell and cousin Daneka Foley
-Some of the young performing missionaries
-Elder Campbell with Elder Spotten and Elder DeWall








One thought on “Happy Birthday Mom

  1. Dear Sister Campbell, Happy Birthday, several days ago. Sorry to be late. I even was late for my own daughter’s birthday. (Hers is the day before yours). Anyway I surely do enjoy your letters and hope the year goes well for both you and Elder Campbell. All my Love, Mary

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