“God Looks on the Heart”


July 8, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week-end we had three free nights in a row. Wow, that was nice! This week-end we were as busy as ever. Saturday we attended the temple, did some shopping and cleaning, and then had our “Sunset on the Mississippi” show. It was hot but it was fun, especially talking to the visitors afterward. Friendliness is contagious.

Yesterday, Sunday, Elder Campbell helped set up chairs in the cultural hall at 7 a.m. while I practiced for a musical number in Sacrament meeting next week. There will be 6 violins in all, a viola, and a string bass. Elder and Sister Germer play the latter two, three young performing missionaries play the violin, 2 senior missionaries are beginners on the violin, and myself. We are playing an arrangement of “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer.” There is also piano with it. It will be nice.

After our Sunday block we worked all afternoon in the blacksmith shop with Elder and Sister Boyer. It was everyone’s first time serving there, so Elder Jennings came and trained us. We had a lot of tours, and it went really well. Elder Campbell had studied quite a bit, and he knew what to say as he taught by the spirit. I also did some of the teaching, although I let him do most of it. Except on Sundays when couples serve together, it is usually a site run by the elders.

While serving there my cousin, Ann Schulz, stopped by. That was a nice surprise! She is here in Nauvoo for a few days with her daughter and son-in-law and their children. So we will enjoy visiting with them while they are here.

After the blacksmith shop we came home to break our fast, and then were off to a monthly slide show and zone conference. The slide show is put together by Elder and Sister Wise. They use pictures submitted to them by the missionaries for the month previous. Then President Gilliland spoke on conditions of the heart as spoken of in the scriptures. He asked the question, “How would we know if our heart is not right?” Some examples from the missionaries were speaking negatively, having envy, criticism, sarcasm, gossiping, belittling self, pride, making excuses, etc.

Then he gave us some scriptures, such as 1 Sam 16:7, “God looks on the heart.” Isaaiah 29:13, “Their hearts are far from me.” D & C 64:34, “The Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind…”. He concluded with Isaaiah 61:1, The Lord knows how to heal us if we turn to him.

So that was pretty much our day. By the time we finished with that we were ready for bed, so exhausting is the work, especially in the heat. The blacksmith shop is not air conditioned as the other sites are, because of the fire pit that they use. But it is a good work to be engaged in, where the rewards are great.

Pageant starts this week, which we are excited about. Professional musicians are brought in to do the main parts. The excitement is rising as all of this is in preparation.

Elder Campbell did more work with an electrician this week. He helped install dishwashers and a refrigerator, as well as repair electrical cords. I spent the week working in various sites. On Friday Elder and Sister Price came in to the Family Living Center where I was serving. Sister Price’s mother, Beth Allred, was with them. She and her husband are the ones who bought our house in Montpelier in 1957. It was nice to visit with her for a bit. She lives in Shelley, Idaho, near Elder and Sister Price, who are about to go home from their family history mission here.

On Wednesday after “Sunset on the Mississippi” several of our cast went to a little restaurant called Peter’s Place. I had a blackberry milk shake and Elder Campbell had a root beer float. Mine was excellent! It was fun to just visit and laugh for a bit.

On July 4 we had plenty of visitors at the sites. Facilities Management had a picnic. Elder Campbell brought me a plate of food, which was very nice. Then I was back to the Wilford Woodruff home. One father in particular was extra appreciative of the sacrifices the early Saints made. He was thinking about the educated men who surrounded Joseph Smith. Joseph himself was uneducated in worldly knowledge. He marveled about the many men who assisted in the work. I said that it wasn’t by chance that they surrounded him, particularly Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, and others. He agreed, that it was not by chance, and quietly spoke of their unwavering faith and dedication and hard work. It was a sweet tour. He spoke of the strength of those men as he and his wife and teen-age sons walked out the door. I spoke back to him of the strength of his family that I felt. It was a special moment.

Some tours are just special like that.

Well, I’d better go. I think Ann Schulz will be stopping by soon with her family, and I need to get ready for the day!


Elder and Sister Campbell

-Abandoned home on the Mississippi River (above)
-Elder Campbell giving a ring to a young visitor
-Elder and Sister Campbell in the wainright part of the blacksmith shop
-Lily pads on the Lake Cooper part of the Mississippi River
-Elder Campbell giving a tour in the wainright/blacksmith shop






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