Another Busy Week


June 30, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

We had another busy week. It started on Sunday night with an excellent broadcast for new mission presidents and missionaries. It was actually for everyone. We learned that the young missionaries are going to be utilizing technology more in their missionary work. Missionaries will also be available to give guided tours of our meeting houses. We listened to stories of how ward councils and members have worked successfully with the full-time missionaries in meeting the needs of the people in their areas.

Shortly after the broadcast we attended a fireside by BYU Vocal Point. Those young men were outstanding! They told us stories and sang beautiful songs in 9-part harmony. A highlight was “Danny Boy.” One of their members had written a third verse for that song with a gospel message.

On Monday we attended the 60th wedding anniversary open house for Elder and Sister Stevens of Ogden, Utah. Then off to our show, “Rendezvous.” Often in the green room before the show or in the middle of the show while waiting to go on stage, Sister Allen will turn her hat upside down. She can be kind of goofy, but fun. Unbeknown to her, I had all of the sisters turn their hats upside down when Sister Ballard told us that we were going to have a “Special Announcement.” It was kind of fun for a laugh. Elder Wise took some pictures of it for our monthly mission slide show.

A special event this week was attending a commemoration of the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum on June 27. It was at the jail in Carthage. President Gilliland spoke about the sacrifices made and of the faithfulness of Hyrum to his younger brother. The Young Performing Missionaries sang and the Young Sister Missionaries sang. The Nauvoo Brass Band played. BYU Vocal Point sang, “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Greif.” It was all very inspiring and a great privilege to be there.

On Friday I worked in the Land and Record office. I worked with Young Sister Missionary, Sister Dransfield. I was excited to learn that she was looking up her ancestor, Lumon Andros Shurtliff, who is also my ancestor. Her parents are in town for the week, so I got to visit with them briefly, and share a few moments about our common ancestry. Her father had a nice bound book of Shurtliff’s autobiography. It is the same book that I have, although not bound in the same way.

The next day we ran into Sister Dransfield and her companion, Sister Hall. They were serving at “Nauvoo on the Road” in Keokuk, Iowa during a 100-year celebration of the Keokuk power plant and dam. Elder Campbell took a picture of them as they practiced walking on stilts. “Nauvoo on the Road” has mini-displays of the sites and old-fashioned games to encourage people to come visit Nauvoo.

We took a tour of the Keokuk power plant with Elder and Sister Gillespie (of Highland, Utah). It was very interesting. It is billed as America’s first great dam. A few docents were scattered around the area, dressed in period clothing. One acted as if he were the visionary who believed the dam to be possible. He said he was instrumental in getting the idea to be a reality. He just started talking to us as we walked past him. He said he had raised thousands of dollars for the project. Then he told us he died 10 years before it was completed. It was interesting to talk to him. He stayed right in character. Another man and his wife were also dressed as they did in 1913. He pretended to be the photographer who took award-winning pictures of the project during the 3-year construction process. He didn’t stay in character as well as the other fellow, as they wanted to tell us that they had a daughter living in Salt Lake City. We took a moment to take a picture with them.

This week Elder Campbell served with an electrician most of the time. They put in dish washers and a washing machine for various missionaries. He also did an excellent job on his lines in “Rendezvous.” I did well on mine, as well. We are improving!

It is always good to hear from you. Take care, everyone!


Elder and Sister Campbell

-Martyrdom Commemoration at Carthage (above)
-Sister Hall and Sister Dransfield on stilts
-Elder and Sister Campbell in front of the Keokuk Power Plant
-Elder and Sister Campbell in front of a dam gate
-Elder Campbell and Elder Gillespie in front of one of 15 generators
-Elder Campbell in front of old Union Electric truck
-European street organ
-Photo of ship entrance into the dam area
-Dam that the trolley went across
-Elder and Sister Campbell in front of old-time trolley car, which took us across the dam.











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