Life Bustling in Nauvoo


June 23, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

We had another full week of service, meetings, and shows. We always do four shows each week in the evenings, two of “Sunset on the Mississippi” and two of “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo.” We then always have five days of service either in the sites or in Facilities Management. On some Sundays we serve together in a site as a couple, which is kind of fun. Also on Wednesday mornings we have a training meeting.

More specifically, Elder Campbell always does five days of Facilities Management, as that is his official assignment. Since it has been too difficult for some of the sisters assigned to Facilities Management to do it every day, I have been serving in that capacity as a volunteer once a week. But this week I served in Facilities Management three days. It was a nice change.

Elder Campbell worked all week on building fence for a horse coral. He worked with several other men. One day, first thing in the morning while he was working, he looked up and saw all twenty of the church’s horses coming down the road, without bridle or lead. They all headed right into the barn to their grain boxes, each going to his own stall labeled with his name. One team of horses are named Nephi and Lehi. Elder Campbell didn’t have a camera with him, but that is one thing he is hoping to get a picture of, the twenty horses who also serve as missionaries here. We did go to get a picture one evening, but the horses had been moved to another pasture and we couldn’t find them. We got a picture of a deer, though, that had come in close to eat the mulberries.

I worked on planting flowers in the herbal gardens one day, and was with the head gardener for the church on another day. He cut back a whole huge table full of beautiful coleus plants while Sister Mengel and I fertilized them and put them outside ready to be watered. There were so many plants that it almost took the whole six-hour shift. It was interesting work because the gardener, Dorrell, has a lot of knowledge about plants. He has worked here for 35 years. We were able to ask him a lot of question about what he is doing with the plants. The plants he was cutting are to be starts for next year. Dorrell is responsible for all of the gardens and shrubbery here. There are so many varieties of trees, shrubs, and flowers, and he can probably name them all.

The third day in FM I worked on trimming some shrubs in front of the Visitor Center windows again. Sister Bogaski was trimming right next to me and discovered a bird sitting on a nest with three little baby chicks, their beaks wide open. I pulled my camera out and she got a picture of them for me. A red cardinal kept parading around the grounds, too, allowing me to get several pictures of him.

I also served in the Sarah Granger Kimball home and the Family Living Center this week. I enjoy working on the shawl loom in the Family Living Center whenever I get a chance.

On Thursday Elder Campbell did an almost perfect job of saying his lines in “Rendezvous.” Hopefully it is getting to be fun for him. I really enjoy acting on the stage and try to put a lot of expression on my face in whatever scene I am in. We enjoy our cast, and had a cast party last night for dinner and a little bit of entertainment.

After “Sunset” on Friday I was pleasantly surprised to greet the Wardle family from Paul and Whitney’s old ward. They had come to pick up their son from his mission in St. Louis, and stopped in Nauvoo. They specifically planned to attend “Sunset” so that they could see us. Three of their sons had been in Paul’s Scout troop, so they are a special family to him. It was fun to visit with them for a few minutes. After that they took the “Trail of Hope” tour while we stayed to watch BYU Vocal Point perform. Nine young men sing a capella. They do a wonderful show. They are doing a fireside for us tonight, one of the little perks we get for serving a mission here.

In church today we learned that we should learn something new every day. Learn something new and write it down, the teacher, Sister Excell said. Every person you meet can teach you something, and, in turn, they can learn something from you. All you can take with you when you die is what’s in your heart and in your head.

So, with that we sign out for another week! We send our love to you all!

Elder and Sister Campbell

P.S. Trials are for our benefit. They help us develop our character, if we allow it, and they can also help us draw closer to Christ.

chicks in a nest (above)
cardinal in the women’s garden
Elder Campbell in front of the new fence he helped put up
Deer near the horse coral
Sister Campbell working on the shawl loom






6 thoughts on “Life Bustling in Nauvoo

    • I am not aware of their song yet. I hear a lot of birds every morning when I walk. It’s pretty cool!

    • Cute. There are a lot of animals here. A rabbit has been eating my brand new petunias! I didn’t get a picture of him. I am trying to deter him.

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