Blessings of Service


June 17, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

What a fast-paced week! Some of the highlights were working in the gardens for Facilities Management. I help clean out the flower beds last week and worked today planting them. It is a nice change from the sites to be able to do that.

Elder Campbell completed a job on Elder and Sister Ballard’s house, putting on new siding. Today he is working on the Orson Hyde home, repairing and replacing window frames.

Last week we spent about an hour over at the Community of Christ excavation project. They are excavating the Lucy Joseph Smith Sr. log home. It is quite interesting work. One of the missionaries found a fairly good-sized piece of pottery that is purported to be over 2000 years old.

The show “Rendezvous” is going quite well. Every chance he gets Elder Campbell works on his lines. He has them down perfect!

The other night a car drove past us as we were walking to the outdoor stage for “Sunset on the Mississippi.” The lady asked Elder Campbell, “Are you Evelyn’s parents?” as they drove off. I said, “Who are you?” A little bit later we caught up with them. They were Dave and Shauna Landon, formerly of Soda Springs. Dave works for the Department of Energy and travels a lot. Right now he is working out of Chicago. It was fun to see them. We also saw them in the temple the next day. Their daughter and family, Tony, who live not too far away, drove here to spend time with them. We saw them on Sunday in the Print Shop, where we were serving. Also with them were Charlene Simons and her husband, of Grace, which was fun.

Sunday was so busy that I had no time to write. After church services we hurried off to serve at the Print Shop. A couple of young elders who are Nauvoo Brass Band members came to serve with us, and we enjoyed that. The Print Shop is a fun place to serve. They have some printers of the 1840’s era, and we get to show visitors how printing was done.

After that we quickly ate dinner, leftover Southern Chicken Soup, then went to a district meeting, then to a fireside by Susan Easton Black Durrant. She spoke about the 70’s of Nauvoo. It was really very interesting. Sister Durrant has done extensive research on Nauvoo and is known as a historical expert.

That is all I can write right now. I hope and pray that you will all feel the blessings of our service, as stated by Bishop Hegemann in a special prayer we had with him before our mission. That even down to the youngest grandchild will feel the effects of our service. I pray that you, our dear parents, will feel the blessings from our service, as well, and all of you, our family and friends.

I bear witness that this is God’s work that we are doing. That Jesus is the Christ, and that the gospel was restored through the prophet, Joseph Smith. I testify that President Thomas S. Monson is the Lord’s mouthpiece today, that he is guided as to the affairs of the church, and that we each can receive guidance over our own jurisdiction and knowledge of the truthfulness of these things for ourselves through the power of the Holy Ghost. In Jesus’s Holy Name.

Sister Campbell


Elder and Sister Campbell

Young performing missionaries
Sister Campbell with other missionaries in the herbal garden (above)



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