Everything is Free in Old Nauvoo


June 9, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was even busier than the last. But it was a good week! It started with a zone conference Sunday evening. President Gilliland taught us about being flexible with the changes being made (such as scheduling changes), and being flexible on our tours, depending on the situation. We also had a slide show prior to the conference, which is always done. Elder and Sister Wise prepare a slide show with pictures taken during the past month. For some reason there was an over abundance of pictures of Elder Campbell and I, most of which you have already seen.

Tuesday night at “Sunset on the Mississippi,” I played my solo. I am playing “Cliffs of Moher,” an Irish fiddle piece, followed by “Back Up and Push.” I didn’t get it quite like I wanted, but it went ok. Elder Tunell, the young performing missionary, did great on the guitar. After our show we watched the BYU International Folk Dancers. They are here for two weeks, with show is nightly except Sundays. They are fantastic! They consist of about 24 dancers and 10 musicians. The musicians form a combo that performs numbers between dances. They are truly outstanding performers, all of them. They have costume changes with every new dance. You may have seen them on KBYU. During the show we sat by a sweet couple from England. They were here on their honeymoon. What a cool place to spend a honeymoon. Everything is free in Old Nauvoo!

On Wednesday I worked with a couple of senior sister missionaries in the Brigham Young Home. One of the young band members also worked with us, Sister Brunner. Those young missionaries are so good at teaching. She had studied what to say, and after I started a practice tour for her, explaining where a few items of interest were, an actual tour came in. She was ready to give them the tour. It was a really good day, as we all worked well together and our visitors were responsive.

On Friday I met a lady who was an Ellsworth. I had just served in the Land and Records Office the day before, continuing my work on updating the Edmund Ellsworth file. Come to find out, her husband is a descendant of Edmund Ellsworth. She was thrilled to hear about what I was doing, and even took a picture of me to send to her in-laws.

Elder Campbell now has a small speaking part in “Rendezvous” and did it for the first time this week. He got very nervous and completely forgot his lines on the second show. He asks that you pray for him, that he will be able to remember his lines. For the first show he did quite well, which is remarkable considering who our audience was. We had a house full of BYU Folk Dancers. They were a very lively and responsive audience, which made it fun. The cast was more animated, too.

I did my solo again on Friday night, pulling it off perfectly. I went slightly slower on the tricky part, which made it better. It has a shuffle bowing, which I realized I do better when I have my eyes on the notes, even though I do have them memorized. We also danced Clarinet Polka the best we have done. So it was a good night.

This week Elder Campbell ran a power washer for FM. He worked with a young hired employee cleaning off the face of many of the site buildings.

On Saturday we attended the temple. As we were leaving I met one of the temple workers. She thanked me for all that we do in learning the site tours and the songs and steps for the shows. She was so appreciative that it brought tears to her eyes. I told her that we appreciated her to, that we need the service they do for us in the temple so that we are able to do the best we can in our responsibilities. And that is so true. Without the aid of Heavenly Father, we would not be able to do as well all that we are called upon to do at this time.

We trust that you are all well and happy, and that you, too, are able to accomplish all that you are called upon to do. We pray for your safety and that we will be one with you in Christ.


Elder and Sister Campbell

– Our church house
– Our house (above)



One thought on “Everything is Free in Old Nauvoo

  1. Hi Elder and Sister Campbell, Well my week of baby sitting is over and I taught at Young Women’s today. Also Tuesday we have 3 fathers coming to talk to us about their missions and (where they went.etc) and they each are giving us a treat along with their talk. One went to Belgium; another to Japan, and another European county, I can’t remember where. Anyway, there’s never a dull moment! I will be going to the ranch after that to get things ready for our 3 family get-together the last week in June. (Traci and family, Trica and family and ourselves). Katrina has girls camp the last week in June (She is now the Young Women’s President in her ward in American Falls) and Trent is back in Ohio so he won’t be joining us either. He’s going to summer school and working besides. Monday, our counters and woodwork are coming in for the baking corner. We have tiled and are ready for them. (I hope!) Hope everything is going smoothly there. It’s so great to hear from you and learn what you are doing in Nauvoo. God Bless. . .

    As ever, Mary

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