The Most Important Thing of Our Lives


May 26, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a full week. Monday I worked at the Land and Records Office. I worked on the file of Edmond Ellsworth, who was one of the pioneers who lived in Nauvoo. He was a son-in-law to Brigham Young and came West with the vanguard company. He then went on a mission to England and came West again as the captain of the first handcart company, arriving in Salt Lake in the fall of 1856. I was updating the file, and the research was rather interesting.

That night was a “Sunset on the Mississippi” rehearsal. It was Elder Ballard’s night to play a harmonica solo and I accompanied him on the guitar. Our first “Rendezvous” performance will be on Tuesday the May 28th . The solos are rotated. My next solo will be June 4, and I will play a couple of fiddle tunes. I will be accompanied by a young elder, Elder Tunell.

Tuesday we had two of the young single sisters over for dinner. Even though Elder Campbell and I were busy all day, dinner turned out miraculously perfect, much of it having been made in the slow cooker. We enjoyed the company of the young sisters. It was a practice dinner appointment for them. After dinner they gave us a spiritual message. It was about being bold in testifying of the most important thing in our lives, our testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. They sang a hymn for us, “I Know that My Redeemer Lives.” Their voices rang true and clear and it was beautiful.

The next night was even better, with Janet and Sam stopping by on their way to Sammy’s graduation at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. They arrived in time to tour one site before dinner. We selected the Browning Gunshop. Elder White gave them an excellent tour. Then we came home to have dinner before our performance of “Rendezvous.” Janet and Sam got to see us in action on the stage. We certainly enjoyed having them here, our first real company while in Nauvoo!

The next day, after serving in the Wilford Woodruff home, I walked over to the Sarah Granger Kimball home to get in a walk, and also to see all of the flowers. Many varieties of peonies and other flowers are beginning to bloom. They are beautiful!

On Friday I worked in Facilities Management (FM) again, this time working for conservation. We wore white gloves and cleaned the artifacts in the Sarah Granger Kimball home. Then we helped prepare the food for an FM Memorial Day picnic, which Elder Campbell and I were able to enjoy. We met a new FM employee and his wife, Gary and Debbie Mason. He is from London, and it was fun to talk to him with his British accent.

This week Elder Campbell worked on building a wooden well cover at the Browning Gunshop. He also helped another elder inspect temple housing windows, and he did cleanup in the FM compound.

Yesterday we attended the temple. We were surprised to see Camron Kowallis, formally of Soda Springs. He is now in the Nauvoo Temple district. We visited with him and his wife for a few minutes. He is attending a chiropractic school in Iowa, about a three-hour drive north of here.

Last night we had another performance of “Rendezvous.” President and Sister Gilliland joined our cast, which they do from time to time, as needed. President Gilliland played the part of the editor and she acted as the Relief Society President. It was fun to have them in our cast.

Well, that is all for now! We are getting ready to attend a musical “Sociable” put on by the Young Sister Missionaries. We love you all and pray for you every day! Have a wonderful week!


Elder and Sister Campbell

-Temple view (above)
-Back of our house
-Sister Campbell in Sarah Granger Kimball gardens
-Janet and Sam
-Janet and Sam with Sister Campbell
-Sarah Granger Kimball home






4 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing of Our Lives

  1. Although you are seeing random tourists you know, hopefully you will get more visitors while you are on your mission. Keep up the good work!

  2. Dear Elder and Sister Campell, Thanks so much for the pictures and updates on your mission,. It is wonderful to hear how things are going. The strings program is combining with the School Music Concert tomorrow evening. Robert Wilson has consented to come one day a week all summer and teach privately. I don’t know which day it will be yet, but he intends to have a parents meeting after the program and decide on a day. Rog and I are busy too, but it is surely good to hear more about your mission and take the time to read what you have to say. I am working in the young women auxiliary now. So always busy, it seems. Will try to update you as the summer goes along. As ever, Mary

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