The Road To Cathage

20130520-192013.jpgMay 19, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been a great week! On Wednesday we were in “Rendezvous.” We had about a dozen of the newer missionaries join our cast, which made it more fun. We had an interesting experience that night after Rendezvous. We attended the tail end of the family history center’s 1-year anniversary open house. An Elder and Sister Price were helping me locate the resources that are available at the family history center. When they noticed that my maiden name was Burgoyne, she was asking a bunch of questions. Come to find out, Sister Price’s parents bought my parents’ family home in Montpelier in 1957. She was raised in the house that we had built, and she knew Mary when they were in the 5th grade together. Her name was Joy Powelson and her parents were Kay and Beth Allred. She mentioned the fun aerial map on the wall of the den that Dad had put up.

Elder Campbell worked this week on putting siding on a house. They had to order more siding, so on Friday he was putting new wood on the sides of the doors to the cellar for some of the homes. Doing odd jobs that need to be done.

I worked at the Cultural Hall, the 70’s Hall, and at the Family Living Center this week. At the latter I taught about candle making, bread making, and spinning. I also got to work on a shawl loom, which is kind of fun. On Thursday I was on a special assignment to help make puppets for the upcoming fair before the pageant. Each child who participates at the fair will get to take home a puppet. By the end of the day I was pretty good at making puppets. The couple in charge of the pageant are from [my alma mater], Elder and Sister Taylor. (He has a fire extinguisher business and she is a registered nurse who used to work at the hospital.) They have lived in several other places, too.

Friday was different, too, in that I got to work in Facilities Management. They had a group of us cleaning and waxing the statues in the Women’s Gardens and the statues of Joseph and Hyrum on horses in front of the temple, portraying the beginning of their ride to Carthage.

Finally, yesterday Elder Campbell and I took a tour, “The Road to Carthage.” We rode in a bus and took a fully narrated tour of the events as they unfolded on June 24, 1844 through June 27. It really helped us appreciate the prophet Joseph and what he did—what he lived for and what he died for. We went with Elder and Sister Gillespie and some other people, too.

We also had some excellent training meetings, one on Wednesday morning by President and Sister Gilliland and one on Saturday morning by Brother Lusvardi. Brother Lusvardi is over all of the missionary programs of the entire church. I was so glad to get the training to help us work together better as companionships, and to realize how we can be more effective as missionaries. Brother Lusvardi told us about a new pageant in Preston, England, portraying the thousands of converts to the church in the 1840’s and 50’s.

Today Elder Campbell and I worked for a couple of hours in the Riser Boot Shop. We had a few visitors, and Elder Campbell explained to them how the shoemaker would make shoes. I told a bit of the history of George Riser, who joined the church in 1842. Tonight we had dinner and district meeting at Elder and Sister Taylor’s home. So it has been a very busy day and a very busy but rewarding week.

I hope all of you have had a good week, too!


Elder and Sister Campbell

-Elder Campbell singing in Rendezvous rehearsal
-Elder Campbell putting on siding
-Sister Campbell with statues
-Sister missionaries who worked on the statues
-Standing on the actual old road to Carthage
-Left to right, 3 sister missionaries, Sister and Elder Gillespie, Elder and Sister Campbell



3 thoughts on “The Road To Cathage

  1. Dear Brother and Sister Campbell,

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures; they are worth 1000 words. It sounds like you have having great experiences. I am still helping Laura and tonuight was honors nights for the students. It was long, but very worth it! The Torgesen boy got a lot of honors and so did Macy Owns and Sarah Simmons. Stephen Fryer and Olivia Kline got the 2 music awards. We hare having our strings final night with Mrs. Stanton.s program. (May 29) I will be glad when that is over! Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless all of your efforts there in Nauvoo. As ever, Mary

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