Detour to Carthage


April 14, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

It was another busy week. Elder Campbell worked all week for Facilities Management on the restroom remodel. He worked on putting the flooring in. I worked in some pretty nice pioneer homes: Sarah Granger Kimball’s home was one. She was the lady who started the idea of a women’s society, which became Relief Society. I also worked in the Heber C. Kimball home, the Cultural Hall, and the Wilford Woodruff home. The story that comes to mind right now, was Wilford Woodruff’s prayer as he left Nauvoo. He asked the Lord to remember their sacrifice. And the restored townsite and beautiful temple are evidence that that prayer was answered.

Yesterday was our Preparation Day. We used it to the maximum, by starting out early to attend the temple. Then we drove to Cantril, Iowa, to find a black round-topped hat for Elder Campbell to wear in “Rendezvous.” We found one in an Amish store called Dutchman’s. It was an interesting store, with all kinds of things for sale, including old-time hats, suspenders, and boots. They also had groceries and a deli, everything packed into a rather small building. The women store clerks were all very young. They wore little white beanie hats. We bought sandwiches there, which were delicious. Elder Campbell said the sandwiches were worth the 1 hour and 15 minute drive one way.

On the way we had an interesting experience. I had put in the GPS directions to a cheese factory in Cantril. I was told that there was a small Amish store at a residence just outside of Cantril, and that if you found the cheese factory you would find the little store. (A different store than Dutchman’s.) I thought I had the correct address. But as the directions had us turn onto a gravel road, and then after 2 miles turn onto a dirt road, which became muddy and ruddy, we were both worried. Elder Campbell was looking for a good place to turn around. The road was getting more and more narrow. We drove down a little hill and came to a washed out bridge. Then the GPS said, “Your destination, on the left.” Nothing of any established civilization was visible to view.

Elder Campbell got turned around, and when we got back onto a reasonable road again I burst into laughter, which made him wonder if somehow I had planned that on purpose.

On the way home we took a detour to go into Carthage to view the jail where Joseph and Hyrum were martyred. To hear the stories of the things that happened there, and to be right there where it happened was inspiring. What valiant men they both were! To have had an entourage of men stay voluntarily with them, because they cared about them, and for Hyrum to stay beside his brother speak volumes of the kind of men they were. As an interesting side note, Joseph and some of the men would eat dinner with the jailer’s family, who were living in one part of the building. It is also interesting how the church was able to acquire the property and restore it to the way it was in 1844. The original door to the room where they were staying that fateful day is still there, with the gunshot hole through it.

Today after church Elder Campbell and I gave demonstrations in the Family Living Center. Quite a few people came in, which made it fun. We both felt a lot more confident in what we were saying, since we were in the same place two weeks ago.

One thing we really enjoy is the association we have with so many wonderful people, missionaries and visitors alike. As of this week we are put into casts for “Rendezvous” and we will be on stage twice a week. I am excited for that. I can’t say that Elder Campbell is excited, but he is learning the parts and I think he will enjoy it. He is a kicker for one song and has another little part. I have a small speaking part, and am looking forward to it. Plus we sing the songs with the cast.

We hope you all have a great week!


Elder and Sister Campbell

Terry and Kathleen Campbell








2nd story window from which the prophet fell
Bullet hole in the door
Unloading wood from facilities managment truck
Sisters on the variety store


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