Hard at Work


April 6, 2013

Happy Easter last Sunday! I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter, rejoicing in the resurrection of our Lord.

This week we were on a regular schedule in that our training is over. I worked in some of the site homes. Elder Campbell began working in the Facilities Management. Each day our assignments change. I worked in Scovil’s Bakery, the Brigham Young house, the Log School, the Lucy Mack Smith home, and lastly in the Post Office and Merryweather Dry Goods Store. I am assigned with another sister each time. Whenever groups come in we tell them a little bit about what happened there, depending on how much time they have. I looked online to see what pictures there are for you to look at. I found a utube video that is really good. It shows Carthage, too, but it does show some of the buildings that I serve in, towards the middle of the video. If you want to check it out it is found at http://www.squido.com/visitnauvoo.

Earlier this week Elder Campbell worked on laying the foundation for pouring concrete. Another day he helped stamp the concrete to look like brick. Yesterday Elder Campbell ran a big heavy roller machine, leveling out the land so that a new concessions area can be put in where the Nauvoo Pageant will be. There is a lot of construction going on, so Elder Campbell should have plenty to do. FM (Facilities Management) gave him a hat with a logo on it and a truck to drive. He wears a blue shirt to work with the same logo on it.

On Monday night the mission held a variety show. There were a wide range of talents given, from readings to a magic show, to vocal solos and duets to an elegant ballroom dance. I played an old English fiddle tune, “Plough Boy,” and was accompanied by Elder Fuellenbach on the guitar. The theater room was completely full, with standing room only. It was a nice show.

On Wednesday we watched a prairie burn. There is a city block area set aside just for prairie grass, and once a year they burn it to show what it might have been like to have a prairie fire. Quite terrifying, probably. As it was, the fire department kept it very much under control, even with a strong wind. One of the mission couples fed everyone roasted hot dogs and everything to go with it, as the fire burn was right in front of their house. The temple missionaries were also there. We met the Nauvoo Temple president and his wife, President and Sister Condie. He was very friendly, and came up to us to introduce himself. She had an accent. I guessed that it was a German accent, which was right.

Both Tuesday and Thursday evenings we attended a practice for “Rendezvous.” Soon we will be put into one of three casts. They are teaching us the staging, etc. They run the show nightly, and we are expected to attend it when there is room in the house.

Friday we attended our first monthly mission breakfast. It was potluck, so everyone brought something to share. There were about 200 people there, including missionaries and church employees. It was a time to recognize the new missionaries, all 64 of us, and say good-bye to the two couples who are leaving on Monday.

In case you can’t tell, they do keep us very busy. We have managed to get a few pictures taken. Maybe as time goes on we can do a better job of that.

We listened to General Conference, and enjoyed the talks. The message I would like to leave you with from conference is, “The world is changing but the laws of God do not. As we live righteously we will be happy and we will be blessed.”

Have a wonderful week, all!


Elder and Sister Campbell






-Brick work at visitors center, Mississippi River in background
-Elder Campbell’s truck
-Back of house
-Wagon ride going past our house


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