March 16, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

We have had a very busy week! Our first day was full of instruction, entering with a huge group of new senior missionaries. 64 of the new senior missionaries are going to Nauvoo. The MTC itself has about 2800 young missionaries right now. By mid-summer they expect to have a lot more, with half of them being sisters. The young missionaries are all great! It is fun to talk to them and find out where they are going. There is a lot of excitement in this place.
We met Sister Burgoyne (Sally Ann) in the cafeteria our first day. It was very nice to see her. She made it a point to find us, and again the next day. She sat close by us at the devotional on the 2nd night, and we met up afterward to pose together for a picture. She is a good gal and will go a long way in her missionary work in the Ukraine. Our devotional speaker was Elder Johnson of the 70.
All week we have been training so that we will know how to teach the gospel to investigators and less-actives, and how to work with the ward leadership. Our instructors are very good. Most of them are college students. We are amazed that they can teach us so well at such a young age. We had to do role plays a few times, which was difficult. We know the gospel very well, but to teach it in words that make sense to someone who is not familiar with the doctrine is a challenge for us. But we studied hard and did pretty well. Elder Campbell took the initiative in most of the teaching. I was good at interjecting now and then. That’s the way we did it for most of our role plays. We found that role plays can be very effective.
There are some very nice couple missionaries training with us. One couple, the Pixlers, are from Mesa, Arizona. They lived in Tempe in the 60’s and knew Mary Ida and Ed Burgoyne and the Moody’s, as they lived in Tempe First Ward. Later we talked to the Jones, who are from Phoenix and are in the Phoenix Camelback Stake. They knew Grandpa John, who interviewed their son when he got his Eagle. We had eight couples in our district. One couple is on their way to Sweden at this moment, and another is already in New Jersey, as their mission president needed them right immediately. We and one more couple in our district are leaving for Nauvoo on Wednesday the 20th. The first of the week we will be training specifically for our mission assignment.
It is great to study the gospel a good part of the day. Studying how to teach the Atonement, repentance, forgiveness, the restoration of the gospel, faith, prayer, and the Book of Mormon is rewarding, especially when you can in all sincerity promise wonderful blessings from reading and praying and living righteously. I know by experience that these things bring many blessings, and I believe that I have only experienced a small percentage of the possible blessings.
Today was our P-day, so we did our laundry and went to the temple. We were amazed at the amount of young people working in the temple, kids in their early twenties. It was very nice to see. Afterwards we ate at a Mexican restaurant nearby, as we arrived too late for lunch in the MTC cafeteria (due to a schedule error).
I will close with an anecdote given by Elder Jeffery R. Holland.
“Come to the edge!” he called to them.
“No, we’ll fall,” they answered.
“Come to the edge!” he called again.
“No, we’ll fall.”
“Come to the edge!” he insisted emphatically.
We came to the edge.
He pushed us, and…..We flew!
Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.

Know that we miss all of you and pray for you every day!
Elder and Sister Campbell

Location:Missionary Training Center, Provo, Utah


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